Instagroom Day 11: How to Style a Receding Hairline

Here's how to make your receding hair line work for you!

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style a receding hairline with adrian

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Not long ago we explained that a receding hairline is caused by male pattern baldness. Typically, if a receding hairline runs in your family, there’s a possibility it may happen to you as well. While most guys take a surgical approach to treating their hairlines with hair regrowth procedures, others find ways to hide it with different hairstyles. Today, we’re showing you how to embrace and style a receding hairline.

Now we understand for many, styling your receding hairline seems like a bold move. And for some, this may not even be an option. We are challenging you to step outside of your comfort zone for a change. Who knows? You just might like the new look!

Adrian has no shame in his game and wears his recedo proudly. For this Instagroom, he’s sharing his secrets on how to style a receding hairline. For his look, think of it as the total opposite to a comb-over. When you style a receding hairline,  the idea is to minimize the attention drawn to your receding hairline by making the rest of your hair look thicker.

Essentially, by upping the volume elsewhere with the help of a messy top, you can counteract the lack of hair around your forehead. Did you know that a bit of mess and texture can help to disguise thinning? Plus, the great thing about messy ‘dos is that they can be as messy or as controlled as you like! Watch the Instagroom above and learn how to style a receding hairline. For further instruction,  read our step-by-step tutorial below for some simple styling tips:

Instagroom: How to Style a Receding Hairline With Adrian


Start with clean towel dried hair.

We recommend washing your hair first with Bed Head for Men by TIGI Charge Up Thickening Shampoo and following up with Bed Head for Men by TIGI Charge Up Thickening Conditioner then towel-dry your hair. This formula thickens and strengthens your hair, which is the perfect base for styling.

style a receding hairline: towel dry hair

Scoop out styling paste.

To style your hair you’ll want to use a hair product that’ll give you the flexibility to reshape your hair as you style it. AXE Urban Messy Look Flexible Paste allows you to do just that. All you need is a scoop of paste. Rub the paste between your palms to activate and warm the product before applying it to your hair.

style a receding hairline: scoop paste and rub between hands

Rough style your hair.

As you apply your paste, use your hands to mess your texture up a bit to style. Roughly run your hands through your hair, lifting the strands up as you go, until you get the look you like. Styling hair to point in different directions can help to create the illusion of movement and thickness. To style a receding hairline you’re aiming to create a soft messy look that will disguise your thinning areas.

style a receding hairline: rough style your hair

Final hairstyle.

There you have it! A new way to style a receding hairline. Try it out and remember to own your look!

style a receding hairline final look

For more tips on how to style a receding hairline, read all about these cool camouflage-y hairstyles for men with thin hair.

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