Instagroom Day 5: How to Style a Side Part

 Opt for a side hairstyle for some serious style.

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how to style a side part

Got a sick combover or undercut, but need a bit of help recreating the look on the daily? Say no more, fam: day five of AXE’s Instagroom series is here to show you how to style a side part without breaking a sweat.

As we see on Mateo, who’s sporting one of today’s hottest looks, a combover isn’t all that complicated to style, provided you’ve got the right product. Once that’s set, it’s all in the (literal) flick of the wrist, really, as you’ll see in the video above.

For a quick and easy step-by-step, scroll on below as we break down Mateo’s awesome—and snappy!—tutorial on how to style a side part:

AXE Instagroom Tutorial: How to Style a Side Part


Blow-dry your hair.

First off, dry wet or damp hair with a blow-dryer set on a medium setting. Use a vented or slatte brush for faster drying results, and concentrate the airflow on the roots so you infuse them with a bit of body and volume.

how to style a side part by blowdrying

Apply some pomade.

Take a finger-swipe amount of pomade and rub it between your hands to warm it up. We like the smooth, neat finish of AXE Clean Cut Look: Classic Pomade. Make sure that the product is evenly spread onto palms before applying onto hair.

how to style a side part with pomade
how to style a side part with axe pomade
Make sure the product is evenly spread onto palms for a cleaner application.

Rub product throughout your hair.

Apply the pomade onto your hair in a forward-to-backward raking motion, making sure to smooth down the base with your palms.

how to style a side part with some pomade

Create your part.

Using a fine-toothed comb, split hair into a side part to create your partline. Note: The most flattering angle is usually when your partline aligns with the highest arch of one eyebrow.

how to style a side part with a comb
how to style a side part with a fine toothed comb
Lay the tip of a fine-toothed comb onto your hairline for a more precise partline.

Swoop hair down the other side.

Once you’ve created your part, smooth hair over to the other side. You can either refine it with a comb or leave it a bit casual-cool and just use your fingers.

how to style a side part with a swoop

Finalize your part.

The best look is when the hair isn’t totally laid flat to one side, but is smoothed down slightly at an angle. You’re done!

how to style a side part
how to style a side part with shine pomade
Smooth down any cowlicks with leftover product, and you’re all set to stun.

There you have it! Getting your combover haircut polished and groomed for the day is just a matter of infusing volume at the root with a blowdryer, then smoothing your locks down with some pomade into your desired parting.

Want more hairstyle inspiration? Then catch the rest of the 30-day AXE Instagroom series and don’t forget to tag us on Twitter and Instagram on May 31st with your own unique take on your signature look. 

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