Instagroom Day 6: The Express Combover Hairstyle with Luke

Comb on over with Luke with his super quick combover hairstyle routine. 

combover hairstyle tutorial and hair video

Clean, classy and super easy to style this is what you should expect when you have the right formula for creating the classic combover hairstyle. You can achieve a combover style with a number of styling techniques to create looks like a gelled combover from the runway, a sleek combover inspired by the NYC street style scene or mix it up with a quiff. Those combover ideas are cool and all, but none of them (and we mean none!) can be whipped up into shape in less than 10 minutes.

For day six of our Instagroom series, Luke is demonstrating how he mastered the art of creating his clean combover hairstyle in just a few minutes. For the purpose of showing you how quickly this hairstyle can be achieved (and well, your super short attention span), Luke’s style is completed in just 15 seconds. In reality, all you need is about five to ten minutes and you’re all set. Read on as we walk you through every second of Lukes styling routine to help you recreate this look at home when you’re short on time.

Tutorial: Express Combover Hairstyle with Luke


Start with a clean slate and blow-dry.

Wash your hair in the shower, then blow-dry in the direction you want your combover hairstyle to fall. If you don’t utilize this time to train your hair to lay where you want it, you’ll find yourself wasting time later on.



comb over hairstyle: blowdry hair

Apply a pomade.

For most styles, we usually suggest applying a fingertip amount of product. If you’re styling your hair into this combover, however, and you have thick hair like Luke, a fingertip amount of pomade certainly won’t cut it. Take a generous scoop (okay, not too generous but you get us, right?) of Axe Signature Clean Cut Look Classic Pomade, then mix it between your hands. For thinner hair textures, stick to the fingertip scoop!



a photo of a man's hand scooping axe pomade

Run the pomade through your hair.

Swiftly run your pomade through your hair smoothing your style into shape as you go.

combover hairstyle: run pomade through hair

Comb your hair and create your hair part.

Using a fine-tooth comb, comb hair over (obviously), to finalize your style while evenly spreading your pomade through. You can also use this time to really define your hair part. If you like it really defined, make a clean and straight line.


combover hairstyle: comb hair over

Done and ready to go!

There you have it! You have a quick, smooth and neat combover hairstyle. If you didn’t get it within five minutes, don’t fret. Try it out a few times more times throughout the week until you’ve nailed the look and the styling time. After all, practice does make perfect!


comb over hairstyle final look

Did you miss Didyer’s Instagroom style? Check it out here because if you need some help in the blowdrying department to master today’s combover style it’ll definitely put you on the right track! Stay tuned for more and share your styles with us on Instagram and Twitter!

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