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Simple, classy, and most of all, easy to achieve, the comb over haircut for men has been a staple for years, as one of the most sophisticated hairstyles that a guy would possibly dawn. Discover more about this modern haircut in our articles, tutorials and hair galleries.

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The comb over hairstyle is incredibly easy to articulate in terms of preparation.  Primarily used with a mixture of pomade and heat, the texture of the hair is the most important, making sure that it does not appear to be too hard or stiff.  With heat or a brush, work through the hair and viola, your morning look is complete.


There are also tons of styles and variations on this look, including the comb over bald fade, side comb fade, and even a mohawk comb over that can be achieved with the help of our tutorials and articles. These new techniques and alternative styles to the comb over that make it an evolving classic style for men around the world.

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