Need a new hair regimen?
Need a new hair regimen?

On Our Radar: The Curly Comb-Over

Take your comb-over to a whole new level! 

Comb-over styles may seem like dated looks that aren’t very flattering, but a modern, curly comb-over style definitely offers a refreshing take on the classic look. While you could wear this style sleek and straight, adding in some undone curls to your style definitely gives your hair undeniable texture and movement. Achieving this style is fairly easy, as you’ll simply need a good styling product and a comb to get the look. And even if you have a bit of fade going on, wearing your hair still a little bit curly definitely gives the top part of your look some noticeable edge. To successfully style your curly comb-over correctly, here are four easy steps to remember when trying out this look:

quiff and combover hair for men with the texurized look
This texturized hairstyle can give a lot of movement to your hair.

1. Start with clean hair.

To create your curly comb-over style, it’s important to start with clean and washed hair. You probably won’t want to style your comb-over if your hair is full of greasy buildup, as second-day hair usually doesn’t hold a curl very well. To give your hair that fresh and clean feel, you’ll want to use Suave Men Hair & Body Citrus Rush 3-In-1 Shampoo + Conditioner + Body Wash when it’s time to clarify. Afterward, lightly towel-dry your hair before you proceed to style.

cool hairstyles for balding men combover
A curly comb-over breaks up that hairline. Photo credit: Dvora

2. Apply the right styling products.

Once your hair has been properly cleaned, you’ll want to grab a good comb and styling product to give your curly comb-over style some noticeable texture. To create loose curls, start by applying Bed Head For Men by TIGI Pure Texture Molding Paste onto clean and damp hair. Applying product on hair that is soaking wet never allows it to absorb properly. And if your cut has some fade, only put your styling product on the hair that sits on top of your head.

Need a new hair regimen?
classic hairstyles for men with thick hair long combover
The long comb-over.

3. Air-dry or blow-dry to perfection.

After you work your molding paste into the hair, you may be wondering how you should proceed to dry and style your hair. Now if your hair is blessed with some natural curly texture, feel free to dry your hair naturally in order to get that perfect curly comb-over look. However, if your hair could do with a little more texture, use a good round styling brush and a blow dryer in order to give your hair that undone curl.

classic hairstyles for men with thick hair combover
A wavy comb-over is quite the dapper look! Photo credit:

4. Finish with some spray.

When you’ve finally styled your look to perfection, your last and final step will be to use some finishing spray in order to help set your curly comb-over look in place. However, when selecting a product, it’s important to select a spray that doesn’t leave your style crunchy or weighed down. Be sure to go for something lightweight and that shows off your look in style.

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Need a new hair regimen?
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