Tutorial: How to Properly Style a Combover Haircut with a Blowdryer

Volume makes it more modern.

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Work-appropriate hair usually falls into either one of two categories: safe or routine (or both). The latest trends, which admittedly can be really inspirational, can also sometimes be tricky to integrate into our day-to-day office hair looks. Which is why at All Things Hair, we love styles that aim to put a modern spin on classics, such as a blown out combover haircut.

We realized that there are still some male readers out there who have yet to master hairstyling with a blowdryer (it sure took us awhile too). This being the case, we’ve put together a clear, concise tutorial to help you get more volumized versions of your everyday looks, starting with the combover.

This version of the combover haircut is just like the original slicked side fade, but carries a tad more lift at the crown. It’s mainly achieved via the help of a blowdryer, and results in a look that’s polished and corporate, yet also hip and youthful-looking—words we’re pretty sure you’d never have associated with a combover haircut, like, ever.

Read on for a quick and easy how-to:

Combover Haircut: How to Properly Blow Out Hair


Wash hair, and create a soft part.

Prep hair by rinsing with a system that makes hair thick and full-looking, such as Dove Men+Care Thick & Strong Fortifying 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner. More density is always better for a combover. Gently towel-dry, and apply a finger-swipe of pomade (we like the classy finish of Axe Signature Clean Cut Look: Classic Pomade) and spread evenly throughout the lengths, sides and back. Create a side part with a comb.

man getting hair styled at salon



Blow-dry towards the ear.

Set your blowdryer to medium heat with the nozzle twisted horizontally. Using a brush with natural bristles (those black, non-plastic ones), begin blowdrying away from your partline — meaning, towards the ear and back of your head, concentrating more airflow at the root. This will help give strands some lift where you need it most. Be careful, nozzles can get hot!

man getting hair blowdried to create combover hairstyle

Finish with some hairspray.

Some guys like to seal in their look with a short burst of hairspray. TRESemmé Climate Protection Finishing Spray helps tame any strays and cowlicks and keeps your look static- and wind-proof.

hairstylist applying hairspray to clients hair


All set! Remember: combing hair at an angle opens up your forehead, so proceed with caution if there’s any thinning or recession in that area. Good luck!


man posing with combover hairstyle


Photo credit: Faraz Essani Photograpy

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