Need a new hair regimen?
Need a new hair regimen?

A Quiff Hairstyle for Virtually Every Occasion

Rock the quiff for every moment in your life.

You’re one modern dude—always looking for a style that will reflect your lifestyle and personality. While opting for the quiff hairstyle has been a contemporary foray into a new look, you may be questioning just how to mix it up when it comes to adapting this style into your busy social calendar. From the workweek to laid-back weekend jaunts and some hip and happening parties in between, we have you covered with some ideas on how to style your quiff for every occasion.

Quiff Hairstyle for Every Occasion

quiff hairstyle clean cut
Showcase a professional and clean quiff for work. Photo credit: Dvora

1. Quiff hairstyle for work.

You work hard and need to look put together and groomed from Monday to Friday. Your quiff definitely reflects your work ethic as you show off a style that’s clean, contemporary and a bit edgy. For your weekly look, you’ll probably want something a little on the tamer side with a quiff that’s slicked back in the front, as your shaven sides can speak for themselves. For this look, play with your texture where you use some pomade like AXE Clean Cut Look Classic Pomade to help you mold and sculpt your hair.

quiff hairstyles pompadour
Party on with a wild quiff pompadour. Photo credit:

2. Quiff hairstyle for your party.

You’re ready to rock out and enjoy a fun night out with your bros. Before you enjoy some serious chill time, get your quiff party-ready by experimenting with length. This can be especially fun if you’re used to wearing a more slicked back and conservative quiff during the week. Simply use some mousse like the TRESemme 24 Hour Body Foaming Mousse whose formula can give your hair some serious volume and awesome hold.  Go big or go home, boys!

Need a new hair regimen?
quiff hairstyle short hair
Enjoy a relaxed style with your cool weekend quiff. Photo credit:

3. Quiff hairstyle for the weekend.

If maxin’ and relaxin’ is your MO for the weekend, you’ll probably want a style that’s relevantly low-maintenance. Let your locks do their thing as they naturally fall into place. For some, this might mean a departure from your stand-up length and more of a style that’s a little on the flat side. That’s perfectly ok and gives you a little taste at what bangs might look like on your face.

quiff hairstyle slicked
Looking good, bro! Slick your quiff back for your formal occasion.

4. Quiff hairstyle for your formal occasion.

If you have a wedding or fancy banquet to go to, your quiff can really speak for itself as you showcase your look in a sharp suit. To enhance the style, create an accentuated part where you see your hairline against the voluminous top part of your quiff. Use some molding paste like the Bed Head for Men by TIGI Pure Texture Molding Paste whose formula can help you to tame frizz as it controls your hair.

Your quiff is an incredible cut for your modern look and also a style that can adapt to many occasions in your busy life. We hope this guide helped you figure out new ways to style your ’do as you slightly transform your look.

Which of these styles are you excited to try? 

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Need a new hair regimen?
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