The Ultimate Halloween Beard Guide: Costumes for All Scruff Lengths

Eunice Lucero | 27 October 2018

Get ready to huff, and puff, and blow your competition out of the water!

Welcome, bearded buddies! Halloween’s right around the corner, and it’s definitely one of the best times to showcase that glorious beard you’ve been growing out all year. Last time, we showed some love to some clean-shaven costume ideas like the ‘90s curtained hairstyle (for all you boyband fans out there) and even some vintage hairstyles for all you officers and gentlemen. But since there are literally dozens of Halloween getups that include facial hair as an archetypal part of the look, we’re here to edit down the best (read: easiest) bearded looks to recreate at the last minute.

Whether you’re all about a low-key mustached look or are going full wizard beard, scroll down for a list of the most recognizable bearded looks you can have fun with this Halloween, for all scruff lengths. Read on to check out some of our favorite beard styles for Halloween:

The Halloween Bearded Looks Guide: Fun Costumes with Facial Hair


beard looks mustache pirate
Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of mustache wax, please.

1. Pirate

So you were finally able to grow in that skinny, Guy Fawkes mustache and are reluctant to shave it off for the 31st. We don’t blame you! Work that mustache’s angular, slightly devilish vibe with a pirate costume that goes perfectly with that scruff (which can also work with an easy morning-after shadow). Dressing like the original bad boys of the open sea takes a lot of swag, so be ready to learn how to maybe do some dreadlocks and get comfy with eyeliner. We love the hair-taming yet workable hold of Bed Head for Men by TIGI Lion Tamer Beard Balm for grooming and styling that fuzz.




beard handlebar mustache short
Feeling like a blue blood? Go royal with a distinguished handlebar.

2. Baron

Work around a handlebar (and a soul patch) that’s starting to grow into a goatee with a look that’s all about being the most well-groomed of the pack. Looks that mimic feudal lords and aristocrats, such as old-school barons, are super-easy to recreate: Scour neighborhood thrift shops for a top hat and a monocle (yes, like the old geezer in that boardgame), slap on a dark suit and get ready to #boss. Plus points if you have a matching hunting costume with your pet corgi or beagle!

beard mustache vintage barber
Cut and dry bearded looks: The Brooklyn barber costume is still smokin’ hot today.


3. Vintage Brooklyn Barber

What do you get if you have a proper handlebar-goatee ratio, a white shirt and some hair gel? Go as a badass Coney Island barber or barkeep, that’s what! Roll those sleeves up, tie on a white apron at your waist and go liberal with that hair pomade or gel. Don’t forget to swizzle some on the edges of your mustache for an authentic, hipster-before-it-was-hip feel. Want to up the ante? Give it a gothic, sinister feel by going the fake blood/cleaver/butcher route—à la Jack the Ripper, the original killer barber.

beard mustache steampunk captain
Bonus points for an actual blimp.

4. Steampunk Captain

It may not hold a candle to modern technology, but the industrial, steam-powered era brought about a lot of awesome ensembles, that’s for sure (no black turtlenecks here!). If you’ve got a flair for the dramatic—and perhaps some spare goggles, a mustache, a small beard and some tall boots lying around—why not dress up as a steampunk captain of your own airborne blimp or hot-air balloon? This unique look is sure to win any costume contest and the respect of your entire fleet—er, squad.

80s halloween hair mens mullet
Bearded Looks: Thumbs-up if you’re all about the skullet.

5. ’80s Burnout

You know those small-town TV uncles that, even as grown men, never seem to move out of their mom’s or brother’s basements? It might be a depressing real-life thought, but the trope sure makes for an entertaining—and super fun to wear—costume. The ingredients: A mullet, polyester errthang and a mustache-sideburn-goatee variation, worn to draw the eye away from some displaced chest hair. Pair with some tight bootcut pants, an overinflated ego and a six-pack permanently attached to one hand.

full beard and mustache hat
Long enough to hide your identity, short enough to withstand the hot desert.


6. Mad Scientist

A full beard is great at hiding identities—especially if you’re a former Chemistry teacher-turned-kingpin on the run from the DEA. Paired with nothing more than a bowler’s hat, some glasses and a geeky green tee, you’ll surely be the most comfortably-dressed of all your buddies this Halloween.

full beard pingpong player
Did someone say ping-pong? It’s going down for real.

7. Retro Athlete

Never—nevar!—underestimate the power of ping-pong… Especially during Halloween, when ironic retro costumes absolutely rule. If you’ve got a full, glorious beard going on, go full throttle with your facial hair and play on its old-school references with some saturated sports attire, such as those of a jogger’s, or a tennis/ping-pong player’s. Just add a terry-cloth headband and wristbands to whatever tracksuits you’ve already got lying somewhere in your closet, and bring home that prize. A beard oil, like Bed Head for Men by TIGI Fuel Around Nourishing Beard Oil, keeps away any chafing that may salt your game.




full beard white wizard
Wisdom, like the yeard, comes with lots and lots of patience.

8. Wizard

No one has the right to the coveted wizard yeard (or year-long beard) more than a guy with a full-on long beard. If you’re lucky enough to be sporting long, thick, naturally-grown-out facial hair, feel free to layer on those cloaks, get the next tree branch you see and waddle away spouting zen mysticisms and keys to life (just don’t scare away the trick-or-treaters!). A scarf tied on your head is a great substitute in case you can’t find any pointy hats to finish up your ensemble.

beard 70s mustache newsanchor
The weather forecast for tonight? Fuzz. Lots of it.

BONUS: 1970s Newsanchor

Don’t have much scruff, or going for just a ‘stache? Dress up your upper lip fuzz to mimic that of a retro newscaster’s is a cinch—just trim that mustache to hit the top of your lip and part in the middle, handlebar-style. Keep it on the fluffier side however—the era’s TV reporters all had that hairy machismo virility going on for them—and pair with tons of brown corduroy, and your bearded looks are all set!




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