Warrior Braids can be worn into a ponytail.

Warrior Braids Style Ideas: 4 Awesome Looks to Try

Create your perfect warrior braid! 

Women aren’t the only ones wearing braids, especially since men are now opting for trendy warrior-inspired braids that are anything but boring. In case you aren’t familiar with the style, it’s important to note that this battlefield inspired look dates back to ancient times where Vikings, in particular, would wear these braided styles to battle. However, in 2017, this look is making a well-deserved comeback, as modern men are now wearing these braids to give longer lengths an unexpected twist. This is a particularly awesome style if you want to give your man bun a break, or are simply in need of some new styling ideas. Read on to check four awesome warrior braids you’ve got to try this weekend.

4 Warrior Braids to Try Out

Warrior Braids can be worn into a half-ponytail.
A warrior braid ponytail is a fun and daring style.

1. Warrior Braid Ponytail

Looking amazing on undercuts or styles with tapered styles, warrior braids look fresh and exciting when styled into a half-pony or ponytail. To get the look, start by applying the Dove Men + Care Defining Pomade onto your clean hair before styling. This helps prevent moisture and humidity from ruining your look. To start your braid, take the top part of your hair, and divide it in into three sections. Create either a single, French or double Dutch braid for that noticeable part. Once you are finished braiding, secure your style with an elastic. However, dreadlocks also take this look to the next level, so if you are already rocking this style, it’s easy to create this look in a matter of minutes. To style with ease, simply grab a top section of your hair, and style it back into a ponytail for a hip look.

Warrior braids can be worn in pigtails.
Wear warrior braid pigtails when you want to steal the show.

2. Warrior Braid Pigtails

Pigtails also make a refreshing twist on the warrior braid look, especially since they can appear unexpected and ultra daring. Now, the top part of this braid somewhat resembles the double dutch braid, so to get the look yourself, start by parting your hair in the center, and apply the AXE Spiked-Up Look: Extreme Hold Gel onto clean hair before styling. Once it’s time to braid, separate the top sections of the hair on either side of the head. Then, begin to create a Dutch braid-like wave. Continue braiding until you have two (or multiple) pigtail braids on either side of the head. Secure with elastics, and enjoy your trendy style.

warrior braids can be worn half up, half down.
Half up, half down warrior braids are always fresh and cool.

3. Half-Up, Half Down Warrior Braid

A half-up, half down warrior braid is another intriguing style, so it never hurts to wear this look whenever you want to make an entrance. Unlike other warrior braids, you’ll only want to braid the top section of your hair, and leave some down to create that half up, half down style. Again, this look also looks great with dreadlocks, so be sure to style them into place for an eye-catching look.

warrior braids can be swept off to the side.
Create a zigzag part to take your warrior braid to a whole new level.

4. Side-Swept Warrior Braids

While we wouldn’t necessarily recommend this look for beginners, we won’t deny that this braided style is nothing short of #goals. However, if you already have some braiding skills under your belt, simply create a zigzag pattern or cornrows on the side of your head, and pin the rest of the hair into a side-swept pony.

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