10 Hipster Haircut Ideas To Earn You Instant Street Cred

This collection includes a variety of hipster styles: We've got an option for every hair type and texture. 

Hipsters get a bad reputation for overpopulating coffee shops, ordering endless five-dollar lattes and opting for some definitively bold fashion choices. The truth is that the hipster life is really all about curating an aesthetically pleasing experience in every aspect of life (fashion and coffee included!). Bearing that in mind, it makes sense that hipster haircut and hairstyle ideas are, of course, no exception. Hipster hairstyles certainly do make a statement, and this gallery of 10 hipster haircut ideas make that abundantly clear. Check out some of our favorites and read up on our best tips for how to achieve these looks. Read on:

10 Hipster Haircut Ideas to Try

hipster haircut choppy layers beard
Play with length and texture.

1. Choppy Grown-In Layers

The key to making multiple lengths and textures work within the same look is in the styling. Ask your barber for a fade haircut and have him leave the length up on top. Lightly trim a grown-in beard and let your straight strands stand in contrast to the texture of your beard. Use a few sprays of TRESemmé TRES Two Freeze Hold Hairspray to keep your style standing in place.

hipster haircut combed back
Keep it clean-cut and fresh.

2. Clean and Combed

Looking for a hipster style that remains clean and combed? This style is proof that you can rock a hipster trend and still appear well-groomed. Comb your hair back while it’s still damp from the shower for a long-lasting swept back look. Keep your beard in the clean shaven-stubble zone for a streamlined look.

hipster haircut combed hair longer beard
No matter your age or hair texture and color, a longer beard is instant hipster status.

3. Instant Hipster Status

No matter how old you are, what hair texture you’re working with, or how hipster the rest of your style is, a grown-in beard is the instant road to hipster status.

hipster haircut combed to the side
Easy and on-trend.

4. Combed to the Side

Create a deep side part in your hair and then grab a drop of AXE Spiked-Up Look: Extreme Hold Gel and your favorite comb. Brush your hair to the side for a clean-cut look that nails all the right on-trend hipster vibes.

hipster haircut messy man bun beard
A messy man bun is always a good look.

5. Classic Man Bun

Achieve this hipster favorite in just two simple steps. First: Grow your hair to your desired length. Second: Throw your strands up into a messy man bun.

hipster haircut mousse long top close beard
A little bit of hair product goes a long way.

6. Lightly Styled

Hair mousse is a man’s best friend. Okay, maybe that phrase isn’t as catchy as we expected but we promise you’ll feel the same way after you nail this style. Run a golf ball-sized amount of Dove Style+Care Curls Defining Mousse through your hair to add some subtle styled definition. This bottle will be your new sidekick in no time.

hipster haircut overgrown curls and stubble
Rocking your natural texture is in these days.

7. Own Your Curls

Nothing says hipster like choosing to show off and make the most of your natural texture. Let your curls dry naturally and let your stubble grow in just a bit for the perfect balance of grunge and low-key ‘I woke up like this’ effort.

hipster haircut overgrown hair and beard
Let it grow… and grow.

8. Overgrown and On-Trend

If you’re looking for a stress-free style then you’ve found your perfect match. This hipster style depends on an overgrown hair and beard so you just have to… do nothing. Sit back and let your strands grow.

hipster haircut shaved man bun beard
This cut requires more upkeep than most.

9. Edgy and Bold

Instant edginess is just a quick haircut away. Combine a man bun with shaved sides and a full beard for a bold look that will earn you instant street cred. A carefully sculpted beard will contour your face for even more edge and an overall look we couldn’t be bigger fans of.

hipster haircut taper fade closely shaven beard
Opt for a closely shaven fade.

10. Taper Fade

This is an office-friendly hipster style for all our corporate guys out there. A taper fade is edgy and on-trend while still remaining office-appropriate and professional.

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