Curls for Men: Check out Trending Curl a.k.a. Murl Styles for Men

Men's curly hair is reigning supreme. More power to the #murls!

For all of you fellas with natural curls and waves, we’d love to give you a special shoutout for being ahead of the game. Your hair type is killing the men’s grooming scene thanks to your awesome hair. Curls for men (a.k.a. #murls) are now trending, and we are loving seeing these naturally bouncy locks.

Curls for men are obviously not new, but they sure are getting a lot of attention these days. Designers sent their curly-haired models down the runways with hair styled to embrace their natural textures. Some of the coolest variations we’ve seen include the grungy look, the voluminous afro, the undone shag, and the curly crop. All of which are super easy to echo at home.

Since you’re ahead of the curve, it’s time to take advantage of your new-found spotlight. Pump up the jam by showing off what your curly hair can do. After all, you are setting the trend. From short curls to wavy long curls in a multitude of textures, here are some cool ways to style your hair to remain at the center of attention this season and the next.

Best Looks: Different Ways to Style Curls for Men

1. Half-Up Man Bun

Loose wavy man curls in half-up man bun hairstyle.

The original man bun made a comeback a few seasons ago and all kinds of iterations have surfaced since. The half-up man bun is one of our all-time favorites because of how easy it is to create. Gather the top half of your hair up and use a hair tie to secure those strands into a small bun on the top of your head. Your curls will create the texture and hold this style needs to stay in place, sans hair product.

2. The Modern Mullet Curls for Men

Man curls sleeked down into a modern mullet.

The modern mullet pays homage to the layers and choppy angles of the classic cut while incorporating a modern angle, too. Slick back your short layers and streamline your curls by combing them into a sleek modern mullet. Use a dime-sized amount of Dove Men+Care Control Gel to secure those shorter pieces and to ensure that every hair stays in place.

3. Go Big or Go Home Curls for Men

Pick out your thick curly hair to sport a big curly afro. Photo credit:

A lot of men and women with curly hair feel like their curls are a big part of their identity. Whether you’ve been embracing your curls from day one or you’ve recently discovered the best way to style your strands, you’ll love this afro style. Use a hair pick to create this oversized afro and wear your curls with confidence.

4. Comb-Over (In a Good Way)

man curls asian hair
Style your man curls into a dapper comb-over style. Photo credit:

If you’re looking for a slightly tamer way to wear your curls that doesn’t involve cutting them off, you’ll want to try this comb-over style. Wear your curls at this medium length and comb them over to one side for a streamlined look that doesn’t take away all your texture and wave. Give your curls some extra definition and your overall look a touch of distinct and refined taste by combing Bed Head for Men TIGI Slick Trick Firm Hold Pomade through your curls.

5. Curly Fringe

curls for men curly fringe
Show off your curly fringe for an effortless style.

Some curly styles are best done… well… undone. Leave your strands product-free and comb your textured curls forward to create a curly fringe style. We love how much texture and movement you can achieve when you skip the hair products and let your hair breathe.

6. Messy is Best

man curls asian hair murls
Muss up the texture of your short curly haircut. Photo credit:

Gone are the days when your mother takes one look at your hair over the breakfast table and nags you about combing your strands down for the millionth time. Muss up the texture of your short curly haircut and wear your messy strands proudly.

7. Extra Shot of Volume, Please

man curls blonde natural afro
Curls for men: Let your loose ringlets free, and embrace frizz for extra volume to your man curls hairstyle. Photo credit:

Wear your curls extra long with extra volume to recreate this runway style. This curls for men look is not for the faint of heart. It definitely requires an extra dose of confidence. We have faith in you and your natural curly strands, though.

8. The Curly Shag

man curls brown hair murls
Style your wavy texture into a handsome man curls shag. Photo credit:

Have your barber cut some layers into your hair to create the ultimate curly shag. Use Dove Men+ Care Hydration Fuel 2-in-1  Fortifying Shampoo and Conditioner to give your strands extra moisture.

9. Fade with Braids

curls for men fade braids grown
Curls for men: Combine a few trends into one style.

Pair your curls for men with a classic fade and break up the transition between your curls and your fade with a few strategically placed braids.

10. Lighten Up

curls for men blonde highlights
Curls for men: Highlight just the tops of your curls.

Draw even more attention to your curls by lightening up the tops with a bright shade of blonde hair color.

11. Curly Afro

curls for men afro
Show off your curly texture!

Embrace your texture with a curly afro hairstyle.

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