Chestnut Brown Hair: Why We Love This Hue for the Holidays

Not just for roasting on an open fire, btw.

When it comes to coloring our hair in winter, we tend to lean towards warmer colors. The better to reflect more color onto our winter-weary complexions! Chestnut brown hair in particular is one of the prettiest hues to try, because it has a mix of pigments—from brown to red to honey—all in one.

There are so many reasons to love this warm tone for the holidays, and not just because it looks awesome roasting on the open fire! Chestnut brown hair is flattering on a lot of skintones and gives you a fresh, healthy glow that we so need during the cold months. Read on to see our top five reasons for loving chestnut brown hair:

Warm Chestnut Brown Hair Colors Perfect For Winter and Beyond

chestnut brown hair waves
Chestnut brown warms up a complexion with its rich yellow-undertone pigments. Photo credit:

1. It warms you up.

Chestnut brown hair is such a warm, earthy color, you’ll feel downright toasty wearing it (well, almost). Chestnut colors can lean anywhere from a warm, yellow-toned brown to a pretty auburn color. Amp up that golden shine with Bed Head by TIGI Blow Out Golden Illuminating Shine Cream. Simply spread lightly onto hair before doing an at-home blowout, and you’ll have extra shiny hair with shimmering golden flecks.

chestnut brown hair tight curls
Ringlets seem fuller and more defined with a richly pigmented shade.

2. It gives curls extra dimension.

The ashy, gray hair trend can tend to fall flat on naturally curly hair. We love how warmer tones like chestnut brown hair perks up ringlets. Especially if you’ve just dyed your hair or applied a hair gloss, all that extra shine can help make your curls look extra bouncy.

chestnut brown hair wavy locks
A sombré on chestnut brown looks pretty and natural.

3. A subtle ombré transitions perfectly.

Actual chestnuts have this gorgeous subtle change in color, giving the nut an ombré effect. You can replicate the sombré look by doing a subtle lightening to the ends of your hair. This will add a ton of warmth and dimension to your locks. Can you imagine walking through a blustery winter day with this gorgeous hair color? We sure can!

chestnut brown hair highlights
A balayage looks extra fleeky on a chestnut brown base.

4. Highlights pop!

Going for chestnut brown hair highlights on darker brown tresses is another way to add all the dimension you could ever want. We love this look because it almost looks natural on dark brown hair. Adding in chestnut lowlights to red hair can also look totally on-trend. To prolong the shine and vibrance of colored hair, try using a dry shampoo made for dyed hair instead of washing. We like Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Color Care Dry Shampoo.

chestnut brown hair straight keratin
It also gives straight hair textures more dimension due to its multi-tonal hues.

5. It helps straight hair shine.

The main reason we love chestnut brown hair is that it’s so rich in pigment, it almost always looks shiny and healthy (even if your hair isn’t). You can boost your shine while protecting your hair from heat with TRESemmé Get Sleek Heat Protection Spray. Just mist your hair before heading in with your flat iron for shiny, healthy locks even in extreme weather.

Need style inspiration for your chestnut brown hair? Check out these gorgeous formal holiday hairstyles

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