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Growing Out Bangs: 10 Easy Ways to Grow and Style Your Bangs

Avoid that awkward hair stage entirely.

The frustration of growing out bangs is something everyone has experienced at one point or another. On the one hand, we absolutely adore bangs. But on the other hand, we also love changing our hairstyles! If you’ve had a fringe for a while or aren’t able to go to the hair salon, growing out bangs may be the next thing on your mind in your quest to switch up your look. As tricky as it is to trim your bangs, it can be even trickier to grow them out; you’ll need to learn how to style hair differently while patiently waiting for your fringe to grow. To make this in-between stage as painless as possible, we’ve broken down the process of how to style bangs as they grow out. Trust us; it’s seamless and easier than you think.

How to Grow Out Bangs As Painlessly As Possible

Not quite sure how to grow out bangs? We get it; this can be a frustrating process. However, with a few easy styles and the right tips and tricks, you’re able to grow out your fringe as seamlessly as possible.  Keep reading to learn the best tips for growing out bangs:

1. Pick a part.

growing out bangs on a micro fringe
Want to grow out your blunt micro-fringe? Create a center part once it hits your brows. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

When you start growing out bangs, you’ll need to decide on a parting (this is especially important if you’ve been sporting full bangs without a parting). You can transition full bangs into side bangs by creating a side part. You can also go for a center part and wear curtain bangs as they grow out. Whichever parting you choose, make sure you stick with it as it grows out so you can trim your bangs appropriately as they come in.

2. Train your hair.

blow drying bangs
Train your hair to fall the way you like.

Once you have your part down pat, you must train your roots to grow in the right direction. This shouldn’t take too long, but if you’ve had full bangs for a long time, your hair can be stubborn and form a cowlick that keeps going forward. The easiest way to train your hair to fall the right way is to blowdry in the direction you want it to lie.

With a regular fringe, you can try blowdrying them back and forth to create a bend. When you are trying to train your hair to fall in a new part, only blow-dry away from the part. This will keep your hair going in the right direction.

3. Braid your bangs.

growing out bangs hairstyle ideas
Incorporate your bangs into a snug braid to help you blend them in. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

The worst part about growing out bangs is when it gets to that awkward in-between length that makes it super obvious you’re not trimming them anymore. To effectively blend them into your hair (or tuck them in inconspicuously), try some braids and twists. You can do a tiny twist and pin the bangs by your ear for a vintage look. For a fun modern feel, French braid your bangs backward.

Also, when your bangs are long enough, you can wear a top knot right on top of your head that can just reach the bangs. Set your top knot with TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Smooth Hold Level 2 Hair Spray. It helps keep your bun in place without making your hair feel crunchy.

4. Ease the Transition with Layers

growing out bangs layers
Grow out your bangs with layers.

When your bangs get close to chin length, you can transition them into your haircut as face-framing layers. Ask your stylist to cut layers starting from the length of your now mostly grown-out bangs. This way, your bangs will be able to seamlessly blend into the rest of the hair on the sides of your face. This is a fun length for bangs because you can create a really cool, piecey look with all the layers. Employ the help of Bed Head by TIGI Wax Stick to define individual pieces.

5. Make Your Bangs Side-Swept

side swept bangs
Try a side-swept look while your bangs grow.

When figuring out how to style bangs as they grow out, brushing your bangs to the side is one of our go-to tricks. This is another great way to help the growing process. Brushing your bangs to the side will keep them out of your face but won’t leave your forehead completely bare. To help your bangs stay in place, use a hair spray like Nexxus Weightless Style Ultra Light Hair Spray.

6. Treat Your Bangs Right

grow out your bangs long brown straight hair
Take care of your bangs to make them blend effortlessly into your strands.

The key to growing out your bangs is to use products that can help you get healthy hair. This starts by using a moisture-rich shampoo and conditioner, like Suave Repairing Avocado Shampoo and Conditioner. These formulas will keep your hair clean and nourished while also helping to repair any damage.

You may find that you need to incorporate a hair mask into your regimen. Try Emerge Back to Life Hair Mask, which helps provide strands with deep moisture while growing out bangs.

7. Give it Time

growing out bangs
Grown out bangs!

Our last word of advice is to give it time. Growing out bangs can be a long, frustrating process. On average, hair grows about a half-inch per month; growing a micro fringe to mermaid hair length is obviously going to take a long time, so be patient. In the meantime, stock up on some dry shampoo (we like the refreshing scent we get from Suave Hair Refresher Dry Shampoo to help sop up any excess bang grease that can end up on your forehead.

Read on for our fave looks for grown-out bangs:

7 Hairstyles for Growing Out Bangs

Wondering how to style bangs while they’re growing? Discover our favorite looks for that weird in-between phase toward your next hairstyle!

1. Parted

how to grow out bangs parted
Easy style hack? Part them. Photo Credit:

Did you choose blunt bangs but now find the amount of upkeep that comes with them is too much? Well, while all may seem lost, there is a simple solution: part them. Unless you went for micro bangs, most fringe styles will be long enough to part to the side. Turn yours into a sultry style or more piece-y bangs for an instant update.

2. Curly

growing out bangs curled
Curl it out! Photo credit:

Once your bangs have grown past the second month, they should be long enough to style into curls or waves. This will disguise any mismatched length and give you a more styled look overall, so no one knows you skipped out on re-trimming your bangs!

3. Accessorized

growing out bangs hair accessory
Clips your bangs back with a hair accessory!

When your bangs just won’t cooperate, it’s time to bring out the big guns—and by that, we mean accessories. Whether you use bobby pins you found at the bottom of your bag or a cute barrette, using accessories that will physically secure your unruly bangs in place can turn a bad hair day into an ultra-chic one.

4. Slick and Sleek

growing out bangs sleek
Keep it sleek. Photo Credit:

When in doubt, slick it down!

We know all too well that sometimes our hair just won’t listen. You can wash, brush, and straighten, and it still won’t be doing as it’s told. Luckily, though, the wet-look hair trend is still going strong, so in cases of extreme aggravation, reach for the gel!

5. Clip Bangs Away

snap clips hairstyle
Try using snap claps to hold back your bangs.

If you’re having a bad hair day, there’s a 90 percent chance a couple of hair clips can save the day. It’s a good thing this useful hair accessory is all the rage right now. Create a side part, brush your fringe back towards the side of your head, and secure it with a few hair clips. It seems pretty impossible to grow out your bangs without this accessory. How did we do it before?

6. Go with the Headband

headband trend curls brunette
Use a headband to keep bangs out of your face.

A headband is another cool accessory to try as you grow out your bangs. Not just for little kids, headbands have become a very sophisticated and chic accessory that creates a fashionable and well-put-together look.  We just love this easy and quick hairstyle that you can rock all day long.

7. Side Part

growing out bangs side part

If your bangs are growing naturally towards one side, embrace them and style them either on the left or the right of your face. It will be easier to incorporate them into your strands!

From headbands to braids, you can style your bangs while growing them out in many ways.

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