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How Different Hair Products Can Be Used As Hair Moisturizers

Got dry hair? You might want to make the switch to these hair products.

Dealing with a case of dry hair can happen to anyone, and it is NOT a fun experience. It’s one of those things many of us refuse to deal with—unless, of course, our hair is purposely dry for creating the weightless, desert dry hairstyles we’ve been inspired by from the runways. Even so, those dry styles don’t necessarily leave your hair feeling extremely parched, fragile and brittle. In fact, with the right hair moisturizers you can have hair that appears to look dry (or has a more of a matte finish) without compromising your hair’s overall hydration. From shampoos to styling products, we’re rounding up some of our top favorite items to use on our hair to achieve moisturized and healthy-looking locks.

What Hair Products to Use As Hair Moisturizers

Shampoos as Moisturizers

Moisturizing your hair can begin during the hair-washing phase, depending on what you use on your hair to cleanse. If moisture is the goal, consider using a moisturizing shampoo on your hair. A shampoo like Suave Professionals Deep Moisture Shampoo gently cleanses while delivering deep hydration into your strands before the conditioning phase. While we don’t ever recommend skipping the conditioning step, a moisturizing shampoo is great for those that skip conditioners. We know who you are!

Conditioners as Hair Moisturizers

Whether you’re using a regular conditioner or a deep conditioner, this is a great and effective way to add moisture to your hair. Traditional shampoos can leave hair feeling dry and stripped. You can replenish the moisture by following up with a moisturizing conditioner. For curly girls, you can also opt for washing with a hair with a conditioner, which is known as co-washing.

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Keep your hair happy and healthy by treating it with the moisture it needs.

Oils as Hair Moisturizers

If you prefer to use a natural hair oil on your strands as a hair moisturizer, you can. Try using oils like olive oil, coconut oil and avocado oils as they are made up of fatty acids that aid in delivering moisture. When using, remember that a little goes a long way. Apply a few drops your hands and work it through your hair.

Leave-In Conditioners as Hair Moisturizers

One of our favorite hair products to use as hair moisturizers are leave-in conditioners. They can be used on a daily basis to re-moisturize hair in between hair washes. Suave Professionals Avocado + Olive Oil Smoothing Leave-In Conditioning Cream  is a great option. If you’re using it to moisturize dry hair during the week, you can dampen your hands with water, apply it on your hair and then apply the leave-in conditioner for even distribution.

Styling Products as Hair Moisturizers

Believe it or not, many styling products on the market are made with ingredients that help moisturize hair. One of our top styling products for curly hair is Dove Absolute Curls Crème Supreme Serum. This product not only softens curls and tames frizz, it also helps add moisture to hair while styling.

For more tips on keeping your hair hydrated, learn all about the benefits of using a moisturizing hair mask on your locks.

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