hair care tips: men and women

Hair Care for Any Season: What Every Man and Woman Should Know

Hair care tips for your best hair yet. 

Gorgeous looking hair isn’t just for the models shown throughout the pages of our favorite glossies. You too can get amazing-looking hair! In order to get the hair your want though you will have to commit to a routine, and pay attention to your hair’s needs. See a split end? Cut it. Does your hair feels dry? Moisturize it. Consistency is key, you will always have to be on lookout for signs that your hair is in need of some TLC.

Sorry, alluring and healthy-looking hair doesn’t happen overnight, but it is possible to achieve with a proper hair care routine. Whether you’re male or female, there’s one thing about hair that we all share in common: Hair should be nourished on a daily basis. However, many of us may need help figuring out how to care for our hair in general. We’ve got you covered with this simple handy-dandy guide. Use this as your checklist for caring for your hair all year round no matter what season it is:

Path To Better Hair: Hair Care Tips for Women and Men

hair care blonde long hair bangs
On the road to a happier you, with some of the best hair care tips to remember.

1. Do use the right products.

Having the right hair products can help you get the hair you want. If you like a particular shampoo or conditioner, be sure that you use the complete system. Spoiler alert: When using the products as a system, you’ll actually get the results you’ve been after all along. Formulas from a particular product collection or line are designed to work together. Ahh! Now you know what you might have been doing wrong all along.

2. Don’t (always) take matters into your own hands.

We know, sometimes you feel things are done quicker—and better —when you do it yourself, and it may help with maintaining your budget. However, there are some things to leave up to a professional, especially when you’re new to the game of whatever process you’re trying to carry out, i.e. bleaching your hair, instance. Pros know best! While you may feel at at-home treatment is the budget-friendly route, you may end up costing yourself a few extra bucks when you realize that you’re totally doing it wrong.

3. Do use dry shampoo.

Save yourself some time, and save your hair from being overwashed. Most of the time when you think your hair is dirty it’s actually not, like after going for a swim at the beach. Allow your natural sebaceous oils from your scalp to serve its purpose. In the event your scalp feels extremely oily, opt for dry shampoo. We like how the formula of Dove Detox+Purify Dry Shampoo works to soak up the oils in our hair, giving us another day (or two) before a shampoo wash.

4. Don’t overdo protein treatments.

Yes, they can be good for your hair, and they do help repair damage, but overdoing it is possible. An overload of protein can cause hair to break. Evaluate your hair, when you think you need a protein mask, you actually probably just need a moisture mask. Keep in mind that ultimately, your hair needs a balance of the two. Understand the current condition of your hair to decide which treatment you should be using. If your hair is damaged or breaking after chemical treatments or heat styling, opt for using a protein treatment once a month. On the other hand, if your hair feels dry, opt for a moisturizing mask or deep conditioner.

5. Do handle your hair with care.

It’s so easy to become frustrated with your hair, especially when it comes to the detangling process. You can end up yanking out your precious strands without using the proper method. When detangling your hair, always start from the ends and work your way up. If your hair is thick or extremely tangled after washing your hair, apply a leave-in conditioner, opt for using a wide-toothed comb first, then use a detangling brush after to further detangle and smoothen the hair.

6. Do take advantage of styling hacks.

If you haven’t been taking advantage of the many amazing and beneficial hair styling hacks out there, you’ve totally been missing out. Here’s one: If your deep condition and chill game is more like, I need to deep condition but I also have to quickly run to the post office, you can totally do this: First, apply deep conditioner to your hair. Next, sleek your hair back into a neat bun, and hit it! When you come back from your quick run, rinse your hair out, dry and style as usual. How easy is that?

Gender-Neutral Tips for All Year Round

hair care tips: men and women
Use these hairstyles and hair care tips below no matter your gender.

1. Rotate hair care products as seasons change.

It’s not everyone that can use one shampoo and conditioner all year round. As the seasons change, your hair care regimen should too. If you deal with frizz from humidity in the summertime, try anti-frizz hair care products. For moisture, look for hair care product that adds and retains the moisture levels in your hair.

hair care for men
A healthy scalp means happier hair.

2. Your scalp should never be ignored.

Many of us tend to ignore our scalps. Think of your scalp as soil for plants; the healthier, the better. To care for your scalp, look for hair care systems that are formulated to promote a healthy scalp. Dove Men+Care Anti-Dandruff Fortifying 2 In 1 Shampoo and Conditioner is great for men and for women, or you can opt for Dove Derma Care Scalp Invigorating Mint Anti-Dandruff 2-In-1 Shampoo and Conditioner. When using these products, make sure you focus on massaging into your scalp prior to rinsing.

3. Haircuts and trims are vital.

You may think skipping a hair trim or two may make things easier on your pockets if you are accustomed to getting it done by a professional. That itsy-bitsy trim can turn into a much more expensive haircut if you don’t get rid of dry and damaged ends. Do yourself a favor, don’t skip the hair trims.

4. Blow-dry for volume the right way.

For hairstyles like fresh voluminous blowouts, pompadour styles for both men and women the key to achieving the look is to use a blowdryer. Before using this heat-styling tool on your hair, don’t forget the overall healthy look and feel of your strands. Prep hair with a heat protectant like TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer SprayWhile blowdrying, be sure to use proper blowdrying techniques to prevent damage, like working through each section of hair quickly and holding your hair up taut with your fingers to encourage volume at your roots.

For more tips on how to care for your hair, head over to our hair care page!

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