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Everything You Need to Know About the Best Shampoo

Foolproof instructions for how to find the best shampoo for you.

Finding the very best shampoo for your particular hair needs can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. Every brand of shampoo boasts different and desirable benefits, while some promise multiple magical results in one bottle. It can be hard to narrow down which product is truly the best shampoo for you.

Today we’re going through some of our favorites as far the best drugstore shampoo goes. While there are many high end brands that give our drugstore favorites a run for their money, the best shampoos in this collection are affordable and can be found pretty easily at your local drugstore. Keep reading to learn more about the best shampoo for your particular hair needs:

The Best Shampoo for You

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The best shampoo for you will keep your hair in tip-top shape.

It’s no surprise that the best shampoo for you will depend on your hair type and needs. A good shampoo for one person might not work for the next and identifying what your hair is craving is step one. If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions then you’ll know that the corresponding shampoo is the best hair shampoo for you.

Is your hair dry?

If your hair has been feeling dry and lackluster, then you’re not alone. Many of us suffer from dryer locks, especially in the wintertime, and we’re always looking for ways to add extra moisture to our strands.

You’ve likely seen this duo in your local drugstore and listed in your favorite bloggers’ hair care favorites posts. TRESemmé Moisture Rich Shampoo and TRESemmé Moisture Rich Conditioner are considered by many as the best moisturizing shampoo and conditioner for those with dry hair, and are cult favorites for good reason. The shampoo is made up of a gentle moisturizing formula that includes Vitamin E. It helps restore softness and vibrancy to your strands and makes dry, damaged hair soft without weighing it down. Pair it with the matching conditioner for an extra dose of hydration, which locks in moisture where your hair needs it most and reinforces the work the shampoo does by giving your strands even more Vitamin E. Your hair will be at its shiniest and healthiest state after regularly incorporating this duo into your routine.


Is your hair overloaded on products?

Do you consider yourself a major product junkie? You likely have a shelf full of serums and dry shampoos that you’re trying out on a regular basis. While we’re all about having fun trying out new products, we also make sure to keep an eye out for product buildup. Going too long without washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo can cause all of that hair product to build up and clog your roots. Needless to say, this is not an ideal healthy hair situation. Try Suave Essentials Daily Clarifying Shampoo and Suave Essentials Daily Clarifying Conditioner for an easy way to cleanse your hair of all that product buildup and prep your strands for even more hair fun.

Is your hair damaged?

This hair challenge will resonate with hair color addicts and hot tool pros alike. Women with damaged hair experience split ends, breakage, and pesky flyaways as a result of the damage they do to their hair. For the ladies working with damaged strands we suggest Nexxus Promend Split End Repair Shampoo and Nexxus Promend Split End Repair Conditioner. This shampoo (which also happens to be the best smelling shampoo of the collection), is formulated to gently cleanse your strands. It’s made up of concentrated elastin protein and flaxseed oil to help treat damage caused by heat-styling and achieve healthier-looking hair. The conditioner is formulated with the same ingredients to further protect hair that’s prone to split ends.

Is your hair oily?

Women with oily strands have quite the hair care challenge. It can easily begin to feel like no matter what you do or how many products you try, your hair is always feeling greasy. On the other hand, while the right products will balance out your oily scalp, sometimes it goes too far in the other direction and you can suddenly find yourself dealing with dryness. Dove Dermacare Scalp Dryness and Itch Relief Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Dove Dermacare Dryness Itch Relief Anti-Dandruff Conditioner are the ideal duo for hitting that evasive balance. This hair care system will aid in balancing out the overall health of your scalp and keep your strands grease-free without sending you into a dryness spiral.

Is your hair flat?

No matter what hair type or texture you have, chances are you’ve dealt with flat and limp strands at some point in your hair journey. An easy way to add some volume into your strands is by finding a volumizing shampoo and conditioning system. Bed Head by TIGI Fully Loaded Massive Volume Shampoo and Bed Head by TIGI Epic Volume Conditioner are one of our favorite volumizing wash and care duos. You’ll notice more voluminous strands after only one wash and you’ll keep coming back for more.

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