sodium free shampoo

Should You Be Using Sodium Free Shampoo?

Does sodium chloride free shampoo really make that much of a difference?

Shampoos and conditioners are so much more than just soap. They contain additives and ingredients, all with different effects on your hair. Some ingredients are not necessarily bad or good, depending on the type of hair you have. One of those ingredients is sodium chloride: Many people have been making the switch to sodium chloride free shampoo and conditioner, without understanding exactly what it even does. Well, instead of shelling out extra bucks for the sodium free shampoo label, find out if you really need to make the switch in the first place! Read on:

Sodium Chloride Free Shampoo: Is It Worth The Switch?

sodium chloride free shampoo
Should you be making the switch to sodium free shampoo?

First off, what is sodium chloride? Well, it’s just an elaborate word for table salt. It’s used as an additive in tons of personal hygiene products, like shampoos, conditioners, face wash and even toothpaste. It’s used as a thickener and helps give off that sudsy, bubbly lather in shampoos and conditioners, and helps give off the appearance that you’re getting a deeper, richer cleanse.

For most people, sodium chloride doesn’t cause any reaction to your scalp or hair due to us being overexposed to it. It’s in so many products that our skin is used to being in contact with it on a daily basis. However, there are a few people, mainly ones who suffer from naturally dry skin, who get an irritated or allergic reaction to this ingredient. If you have dry skin, you could look into picking up a sodium free shampoo to see if this makes a difference.

Another time you should reach for a bottle of sodium chloride free shampoo is after you’ve gone through a keratin treatment. Sodium chloride can actually break down your pricey keratin treatment much faster, since it is a strong cleanser. If your hair is keratin-treated, then avoid sodium chloride or reach for bottles of keratin-formulated systems, like TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Keratin Smooth Conditioner, to help with maintenance and give your locks an added boost of shine and vitality.

If you have frizzy or dry hair but don’t get irritated or suffer allergic reactions to sodium chloride, then there’s no need to make the switch to sodium chloride free shampoo. Instead, try a shampoo and conditioner regimen that focuses on defrizzing and hydrating your locks. Try Nexxus Oil Infinite Shampoo and Oil Infinite Conditioner to tame your frizz and have soft, flowing hair.

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