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5 Bad Hair Habits You’ve Got to Stop Doing for Healthier-Looking Hair

Switch to good hair habits and trust the process.

While the types of products you use to style your hair plays a major role in the healthy appearance of your hairstyle, the way you take care of your hair has a much greater purpose. When you see women with flawless-looking hair, you can bet their hair care routine doesn’t consist of any bad hair habits whatsoever.

You can stock your hair styling routine with all of the products that will help mask the imperfections along your hair strands, but, it’s better to start with altering your hair care regimen. Below, we’re rounding up some of the bad hair habits you should stop doing in order to really get healthier-looking hair.

5 Bad Hair Habits to Remove from Your Hair Care Routine

Remove bad hair habits from your routine for healthy looking hairstyles like this
Employing good hair habits into your routine for healthier looking hair. Photo credit:

1. Using the wrong brush.

When it comes to brushes, (along with many other hair care and styling products) one size does not fit all. Know your brushes and when to use them. For help with this, check out our hair brush guide.

2. Not taking advantage of hairspray.

Hairspray helps to set your style. There are several hairsprays that are optimized to make your hairstyles last past 24 hours, which helps decrease the amount of manipulation on your hair when it comes to restyling. Our current favorite: TRESemmé TRES Two Extra Hold Hairspray

3. Skipping heat protectants.

Nowadays, heat protectants can be found in a number of hair care products, which makes it even easier for you to implement this step into your hair care and styling routine. Leave-in conditioners, like Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Heat Defense Leave-In Conditioner and Suave Professionals Honey Infusion 10-in-1 Leave In Conditioner, have formulas that guard the hair against the damaging effects of heat. Apply this as your last step of your hair wash routine before blowdrying. For daily styling, try out TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray.

4. Using too many products on your hair.

An excess amount of hair product can weigh your hair down, create build-up, and may also lead to hair damage. For example, too much moisture can lead to breakage so it’s best to find a happy medium by moisturizing every other day, or only when needed. To help you with product application, here’s a guide on how to apply products to your hair.

5. Not prepping your hair for bed.

They say a lot can happen in a year. When it comes to hair, a lot can happen overnight. Prepping your hair for bed is just as important as removing your makeup before hitting the sheets. While you sleep hair can become dehydrated from your pillows which is why we recommend sleeping on silk pillowcase to help retain moisture. In addition to this, consider re-moisturizing your hair with a leave-in conditioner, and if needed, seal the moisture in with an oil.

After removing these bad hair habits from your hair care and styling routine, try your hand at some new styles. Check out this messy wavy hair look and learn how to recreate it on your hair.

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