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Is There Such a Thing as Healthy Shampoo?

Trying to get into a more natural, "greener" lifestyle? See how a shampoo for healthy hair can benefit your hair care habits too.

In today’s health-obsessed times, it’s only natural that we try to look for greener alternatives for every aspect of our lives. Consumption doesn’t only cover what we put into our bodies, after all; it also involves what we use on them. That said, the green movement has permeated the beauty industry and has seen quite the rise in recent years. Organic ingredients, cruelty-free cosmetics, vegan lipstick and healthy shampoo alternatives are now common fixtures in our quest for sustainability, mindfulness and a smaller carbon footprint:

The Best Shampoo for Healthy Hair

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Botanicals and plant-based infusions gently cleanse, moisturize and hydrate.

To get healthy hair, shampoo is one of the cornerstones necessary in your regimen. It cleanses your hair and scalp of dirt and residue, and helps pave the way for conditioner to do its job later on. But a lot of shampoo varieties nowadays are also heavy-hitters in their own right; a lot of formulas employ moisturizing and smoothing properties that are independently beneficial to the hair strand as well.

Hair Oils

One way that shampoos can effectively cleanse and nourish without weighing hair down is through the infusion of hair oils and butters. These plant-based emollients are able to coat the strand with moisture and hydration, but without the added bulk. Suave Professionals Almond & Shea Butter Moisturizing Shampoo is infused with 10 percent natural almond and shea butter, and when used as a system helps to condition as it cleanses—and even has a bottle made with 25 percent post-consumer recycled content. And for you trendy millennials out there, Suave Professionals Avocado+Olive Oil Smoothing Shampoo takes care of that avocado craving as well! The shampoo hydrates while it cleanses to smooth and protect your strand, bringing this superfood’s renowned benefits out of your brunch plate and into your shower.


Other buzzy, nature-inspired ingredients such as coconut oil and macadamia oil have hit a fever pitch on the market as well. Another line that features shampoo for healthy hair, TRESemmé Botanique, actually targets a strand’s specialized needs. TRESemmé Botanique Nourish & Replenish Shampoo is infused with coconut oil, coconut milk and aloe vera that all work together to impart gentle yet deep moisture onto dry locks. If your hair needs an S.O.S. from damage, TRESemmé Botanique Damage Recovery Shampoo is a formula infused with macadamia oil, wheat proteins and avocado to help strengthen and repair damaged cuticles and distressed strands. And if your tresses just need a break from it all, there’s a shampoo that can help too: TRESemmé Botanique Detox & Restore Shampoo is infused with green tea and ginger to help cleanse hair of build-up and impurities.

healthy shampoo for showers
Using the right shampoo is the best starting point.

Used in tandem with the right conditioner, a healthy shampoo not only resets a strand and rids it of dirt and grime; it also primes hair for optimum conditioning afterwards. The best ones can also help give your strands some much-needed volume throughout the day! Starting in the shower most definitely gives you an advantage and sets the styling tone—not to mention helps build good hair care habits—for the rest of your regimen.

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