TRESemmé Curl Hydrate Combing Cream

Is It Right For Me?

This creamy, hydrating formula does double duty, easily detangling curls while also helping prevent frizz. For bouncy, all day definition. With Coconut and Avocado Oil and a delectably creamy, indulgent scent.

Best for:

  • icon of a woman with a long, curly hairstyle Curly
  • icon of a cactus Dry
  • icon of a thunderbolt Anti-Frizz
  • icon of a green leaf Moisturizing

Top Tip

Can be used on wavy, curly, coily hair.

How To Use

Apply evenly to damp hair. Comb through with a wide tooth comb or fingers. Start from the ends and slowly begin working through the hair, section by section, moving upwards. Only move to the next section once the current section is fully tangle free.

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