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How to Make Your Hair Soft: Tips for Every Hair Type

We all deserve soft hair.

Here at All Things Hair, we’re in constant pursuit of the best hair ever on a daily basis. Is this possible? Sure it is. With patience, an effective routine and the right products, you will be well equipped to create the kind of hair you want. Still not sure how to make your hair soft? We have some major tips and tricks for you! Read on for some insider hacks on how to make your hair soft with some of our go-to drugstore hair products:

How to Make Your Hair Soft

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Learn how to get soft hair with these essential products and easy tips. Photo credit:

1. Use the right wash and care products.

Soft and shiny strands start with the right shampoo and conditioner combination. Try Dove Smoothing Ritual Shampoo and ConditionerThis hair care system is inspired by women’s hair care rituals in Southern Africa as they use blends of marula fruit oil and baobab extract. These ingredients are known to nourish strands and are used in Southern African beauty rituals. The formula of this duo helps prevent frizz and smooths your hair.

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2. Use products to prevent frizz.

The opposite of soft and smooth hair is frizzy hair. To prevent frizz on your hairstyles, opt for finishing your styles with a hairspray that tames frizz, like Suave Professionals Natural Hold Micro Mist Hairspray.

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3. Repair any visible damage.

Damage free hair has a softer appearance than hair that is dry and broken. Damaged tresses can appear frizzy, and feel fragile. To help nourish your hair, we recommend adding a hair treatment like Nexxus Keraphix Damage Healing Masque into your routine to strengthen your hair and repair any visible signs of hair damage.

5. Make hair oils your new BFF.

Even if your strands look and feel in good condition, you can still benefit from a natural hair oil. Added to wet hair or used as a finishing touch to any style, oils add a visible (but natural) sheen to your hair, leaving it healthy, supple and soft.

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6. Address any split ends.

A common hair complaint of women with all hair lengths and textures is split ends. They are an easy giveaway that your hair may be damaged or porous. Both of issues will leave hair feeling (and looking) more rough than silky. How to make your hair soft if you have split ends? Book a hair trim with your stylist.

How to Get Soft Hair on All Naturally Curly Hair Types

Looking for soft, silky spirals? We hear you! If your curls are feeling more dry and rough than glossy and soft, follow these simple steps for smooth, curly hair:

how to make hair soft: curly hair
Curly hair deserves a soft texture too. Photo credit:

First things first, use our expert cheat sheet to decipher exactly what your curly hair type is before you start thinking about how best to take care of it. As all curl patterns and textures are different, they need a slightly altered grooming routine to keep them looking their best. But, no matter what texture your hair is, moisture is the key to maintaining the softest, healthiest strands possible.

hair to make your hair soft: curly hair
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Tips to use for curly hair types:

1. Use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner hair care system to make sure your locks are getting the right amount of moisture.

2. Try drying your hair using the hair plopping technique to get a frizz-free hair surface.

3. Use an effective hair serum on the mid-lengths and ends for a glossy, satin finish.

PS: If you’ve relaxed your natural hair, taking steps like investing in a moisturizing hair care routine will help to ensure your mane stays looking and feeling as soft and healthy as possible.

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