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Why I Made the Switch to Drugstore Hair Care Products

There's no looking back. 

Growing up, as a side hustle, I spent my weekends in a salon where my mom would work with my godmother. I was surrounded by beauty at a very young age and grew up being familiar with many well-known salon hair care products. For me, if it wasn’t something I saw used in a salon, I probably wouldn’t even bother putting it on my hair. Drugstore hair care products were not my thing.

Over the years however, especially during my adolescent stage, I started to become a product junkie. I would buy tons of beauty, hair care and hair styling products from the beauty supply store in my neighborhood and try them out (not all at once—that would be a problem). I guess you can say that I became somewhat of a lab rat; I would test things out and tell all my friends about it, and they too would then purchase my recommendations. It became so bad that I had a closet dedicated to all of these products. Over the years, the types of products I used on my hair have changed, and I’m giving you the rundown about how I ended up making the switch to drugstore hair care products.

Drugstore Hair Care Products Are Underrated

Today, while my product junkie ways have not completely disappeared, I have scaled back on the number of products I buy. I started to begin thinking that you will always get what you pay for and ended up investing in super expensive hair care products in an effort to buy less. Unlike buying a luxury classic handbag as a quality piece that you can have for a very long time, beauty products are not the same since they do expire. So I had to cut my habit out immediately.

I started to look into drugstore brands that were touted to work as well as salon brands, but I will be honest, I did not believe the hype. I would always ask: If it works as well as a high-end product, why is the high-end product so expensive to begin with? Either way, my curiosity and my old product junkie habits began to resurface. While I was transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair back in 2012, I was testing everything under the sun on my hair.

To my surprise, a lot of the brands that were marketed and formulated for my curly hair type disappointed me and they weren’t inexpensive either. When I tried brands like Suave and Dove, I was shocked to see how well the products agreed with my hair. For a while I was the no-poo/no-sulfate girl, but when I started to learn about the residue left on your hair even after co-washing I gave that all up. Don’t get me wrong; co-washing is great, and I do it a lot in the summer time. However, if you are using a product that doesn’t have effective cleansing agents, your hair isn’t as clean as you think it really is.

Once I began to see how well my hair agreed with drugstore brands, I began to trust them even more. One of my all-time favorites is the Suave Professionals Coconut Milk Infusion Deep Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. I love the way it moisturizes my naturally dry curly hair.

You can get quality drugstore hair care products but you have to do your research. Find brands that others have had great experiences with. Depending on your hair type, look for products that claim to deliver the results you want. Caring for your hair should be treated as a luxury, but it shouldn’t have the luxury price tag attached.

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