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It’s All in the Mix: How to Apply Hair Products the Correct Way

Say hello to your hair product application cheat sheet.

As a self-proclaimed beauty product junkie—or lab rat— looking to try almost every and any new beauty trend, I found myself googling the correct way to apply skincare products. What I was really looking for was a way to shoehorn a new spot treatment into my beauty routine. And then I thought, if I’m searching for this query, someone out there probably needs help determining the order in which they should apply their hair care products. While the order may seem quite obvious, with the abundance of new hair care products and innovations out there (more on this later), the way in which traditionally wash and style our hair has changed in some ways (we’re totally not complaining). But to keep it simple, and not over complicate things, learn the basic steps on how to apply hair products the correct way. With that being said, here’s a seamless guide on when to apply your hair products —and how—from wash to styling.

How To Apply Hair Products The Correct Way Explained

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Hair Wash Day:

1. Shampoo. Duh, you knew this right? But wait, did you know you’re supposed to apply shampoo to your roots? Yes! Squirt some shampoo into your hands and work it into the roots of your hair. This is the part of your hair that needs the most cleaning. As you lather and rinse—and repeat— the shampoo will work its way down to the ends, cleansing the strands simultaneously.

2. Condition. Wait! Before you say: Come on, this is so basic! What’s not so basic, is the fact that you may have been conditioning your hair wrong all along —sorry to burst your bubble! Conditioner is supposed to be applied from mid-shaft to the ends of your hair. The ends of your hair are the oldest and needs conditioning the most.

3. Deep Conditioner or Hair Mask. If you’re anything like me or have hair like mine: naturally dry curly hair, then you probably condition then deep condition because you feel your hair could use all of the moisture the conditioner gods have to offer. You can definitely do it this way, or skip the conditioner and move right onto the deep conditioner or hair mask. Again, apply mid-shaft to ends and pile it up onto the top of your head or bun it and chill.

4. Leave-In Conditioner or Detangler. After thoroughly rinsing out your conditioner or treatment, towel dry hair and apply your leave-in conditioner. ATH Editorial Note: With today’s new hair care advances there are some exceptions to the shampoo then condition rule. If you’re using product line like TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume, apply product as directed. In this case: Condition first with the pre-wash conditioner, then shampoo.

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Knowing how to apply hair products the correct way can help you simplify your hair care and styling routines.

Hair Styling:

Now this part may vary depending on the way you style your hair but in a nutshell, try this order:

1. Heat protectant. If you’re applying heat to your hair, apply the heat protectant or leave-in cream with a heat protectant like Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Heat Defense Leave-In Conditioner to each section before you heat style. In other words: Say you’re blowdrying your hair, spray TRESemmé Platinum Strength Heat Spray to your first section, blowdry then repeat the same steps to the following sections of hair.

2. Hair stylers. Whether it’s a styling cream, gel, mousse salt spray etc. Always apply before the styling process. For example: If you have curly hair, rake gel through wet hair, then diffuse. If you’re preparing for a sexy blowout apply mousse like TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Touchable Bounce Mousse, apply a dollop to your hands and finger comb through your hair, focusing on the roots of your hair.

3. Serum. If you’re using serum to add shine to your hairstyle, now is the best time to use. Alternatively, you can apply a serum on damp hair before styling.

4. Finishing product Always remember that hairspray finishes your style. If you’re using a product like gel to complete your look apply it in lieu of a hairspray.

Set hair with hairspray
To finish your hairstyle and keep your look in place, use a hairspray as your last step.

Daily Hair Maintenance:

To absorb oil and refresh your hair:

1. Dry Shampoo. Believe it or not, one of the main products people may research the term: how to apply hair products the correct way, for is dry shampoo. Afer a few days post washing and styling, and after you’ve carried out your normal daily activities, you may have been left with limp and oily hair—blame your spin class! Refresh your hair with a spritz of dry shampoo like Dove Detox + Purify Dry Shampoo. Spray 6-8 inches away from your roots, massage it in, brush through for even distribution then style as usual.

To add moisture to your hair:

1. Moisturizers. During the week hair can become dry. Re-moisturize your hair with a spritz of water or with re-applying a leave-in.

2. Hair oils. Seal moisture into your hair after moisturizing with a natural hair oil like argan oil or use an oil to help boost shine like Dove Regenerative Nourishment Serum-In-Oil.

Do you feel like you understand how to apply hair products the correct way?

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