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New Season, New Hue: How to Care for Dyed Hair Colors

FYI, it requires more than changing your shampoo.

We’re totally into changing up your hair for the upcoming new season. It’s fun! You get a new look! But, you also need to take good care of dyed hair colors, if that’s the option you go for. Dyed hair colors take on a whole new life from virgin or uncolored hair. If you’re going for a whole new color palette in 2017, learn how to treat your hair right. Read on to see a play by play of caring for dyed hair.

Dyed, Not Fried: Caring For Your New Dyed Hair Colors

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A new season calls for a cool new hue, like iced lilac.

1. Pre-dye prep

If you are heading in for a total color overhaul (read: bleach, toner, color) ask your stylist if you can prep with coconut oil. Some hair dyes may not react well to coconut oil in your hair, so in that case you wouldn’t want to go down this route. But, if you get the all clear from your stylist, slather your hair and scalp in coconut oil prior to applying the lightener. Coconut oil works great as a deep conditioner and moisturizer, so it can help to keep your freshly dyed hair soft and healthy-looking.

2. Every-other-day care

After you’ve dyed hair, you’ll need to make sure you wash and condition every couple of days with a color-safe shampoo option. Shampoos made for color-treated hair use gentler or less detergents so that less of your color is removed, and your hair stays nice and soft. Try washing with Clear Color & Heat Conqueror Shampoo and Clear Color & Heat Conqueror Conditioner to keep your hair in tip-top shape. Note: If you’re a blondie, it’s helpful to wash once a week or so with purple shampoo. It keeps your hair from getting brassy and orange-toned.

3. Weekly treatments

Dyed hair colors do sustain a bit of damage while you process. The chemicals that work to lighten your hair, i.e. bleach, need to penetrate the outer protective layer of hair to lift the pigments off the hair shaft. This makes hair prone to porosity, damage and brittleness. For a regular boost of shiny, color-brightening moisture, look into hair masks. We like Suave Hydrating Coconut Conditioning Mask for hair that’s seriously dry, as you can use it pretty often as well.

4. Monthly touch-ups

Eventually your fresh new hair color is going to start to fade. But don’t despair! You can always turn up that vibrance and shine with a glossing treatment. It’s a treat for your hair because you get to refresh your dye without another dye job. Try Nexxus New York Salon Care Color Assure Glossing Tonic for a quick (seriously, like 2 minutes) revamp that makes it look like your hair is fresh from the salon.

5. Dyed hair colors best practices

When you dye your hair, you need to treat it with an extra careful touch. It might have been okay (or at least less damaging) to space out while you were curling your virgin hair and leave it on the iron too long. But with dyed hair colors that extra heat can become super damaging in just a few seconds. When working with dyed or bleached hair, make sure to take care of it! Your hair will look much better in return.

Need more information about dyed hair? Learn what happens during the bleaching process.

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