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How Keratin Hair Treatments Can Help Your Hair this Winter

Static? What static?

We’re all guilty of clicking on that online keratin hair treatments coupon in times of hair distress. It’s a treatment that seems to be the ultimate catch-all, after all: It smoothens out our hair, makes strands more manageable even in the most ~inclement~ of weather conditions, and contributes an unbeatable shine.

And although keratin treatments shouldn’t be treated as a snake oil for all issues, it’s a great alternative if you’re jonesing for a wash-and-wear solution. Scroll down to read more on how keratin hair treatment can save you this winter:

How Keratin Hair Treatments Can Help with Cold-Weather Issues

We conducted a survey about the most popular professional hair treatments among our readers and top-scoring are scalp treatment and hair relaxers. We also asked if they’re willing to do the treatments themselves and most people answered no.

1. It Cuts Your Styling Time in Half

keratin hair treatment winter
A keratin treatment can help weather-proof your hair this winter.

Know those precious winter mornings that still seem like midnight even at 7:00 a.m.? Great news: You can snooze through those now! Ladies who blow-dry their hair straight before heading out can cut out this process entirely with a keratin treatment, and earn at least 20 more minutes in bed. #thesnuggleisreal

2. It Tells Flyaways to Chill

Keratin hair treatments veritably “spackle” broken cuticles with liquid protein, creating a shaft that’s smoother and less prone to frizzing out. This means that the hair strand isn’t as thirsty for outside moisture, hence making it less vulnerable to weather changes. You can walk into light snow or rain and still come back with frizz-free hair. This is key during the wintertime when unexpected flurries are the norm. Seeking out a keratin treatment for frizzy hair will change your winter hair game.

what hair treatments people get
Most people like getting scalp treatments.

The scalp treatment ranks slightly higher since most people tend to have a dry scalp during the summer due to sun exposure, salt, and chlorinated water.

3. It Beanie-Proofs Your Hair

Not only do keratin hair treatments help keep strands less staticky, but it also helps with the dreaded beanie bend you get after removing your headwear. Provided you follow that vital no-wash period immediately after the treatment, strands are left virtually kink-proof there on out. (Just remember to brush it out to remove any tangles.)

4. It Helps You Style On-the-Go

Since your hair is basically shiny and smooth 24/7 post-keratin treatment, there’s little angst about restyling it for those last-minute holiday parties. Sounds exaggerated, but it can definitely be a game-changer, especially if you’re wont to resorting to a hurried, messy updo after hours. Having smooth, static-free hair means you can show off those silky, well-groomed tresses. No haggard hair here!

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Most of our readers said no to doing the above-mentioned treatments at home, and we think that’s the correct answer. It’s best to allow the professionals to do these chemical-infused treatments at specialized salons.

5. It Calms Down Your Texture

If you want to keep your curly or wavy locks, a keratin treatment can help smoothen without losing your texture. You can customize the intensity of your treatment, and—depending on whether you want pin-straight strands or just want to stay frizz-free—still, keep your regular look. Think of having a good hair day, but every day!

An at-home keratin-infused system like keratin shampoos, such as Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner, can mimic salon results for up to seven days. An at-home keratin smoothing treatment like this one will allow you to mimic the results of a keratin treatment on your own. The keratin protein shampoo paired with a keratin deep conditioner will instantly smooth your strands.

You can also keep the results looking day one fresh with Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Color Care Dry Shampoo.

Are you thinking about using one of these keratin products this winter? Be sure to share the results with us over @AllThingsHairUS!

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