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3 Styles You Should Try After Getting a Straightening Treatment

Three of the sleekest styles you'll ever see. 

If you’ve decided to bite the bullet and have a straightening treatment done on your hair, you might be looking for new ways to style your strands. First, review the proper ways to care for your hair after having your straightening treatment done. Your hair will be extra sensitive for a few days and you’ll have to let it hang loose. Once the treatment has settled in and your hair is back in the styling game, you’re ready to start experimenting with your new texture. Each of these styles are sleek and streamlined in their own way, requiring different products to create. Keep reading for three styles to try after you’ve had a straightening treatment.

3 Styles to Try After Getting a Straightening Treatment

straightening treatment center part light brown hair
Straight strands and a center part take a simple style to the next level.

1. Change Your Part

Wash your hair with the Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Smoothing Shampoo and the Suave Keratin Infusion Smoothing Conditioner, and allow it to air-dry. The beauty of having a straightening treatment is that you no longer have to worry about using any hot tools. While your hair is still wet, grab a rat-tail comb and create a part that goes directly down the center of your head. Run a dime-sized amount of the Nexxus New York Salon Care Oil Infinite Nourishing Hair Oil for some extra shine.

straightening treatment ponytail
The secret to making a ponytail look mature and classy.

2. Flattering Ponytail

The key to creating a flattering ponytail is securing it in line with your cheekbones. Gather your hair up to the top of the back of your head and use a hair tie to secure it there. For an extra dose of sleek shine, comb a dime-sized amount of the Nexxus hair oil (from above) throughout your ponytail.

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This is one our all-time favorite styles.

3. Tease Your Hair

Grab your hairbrush or a comb and tease a small front section of your hair. Smooth the top down and create a dome shape with this teased section. Pin it into place using bobby pins or a tiny claw clip.

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