39 Beautiful Wedding Braids to Try this Season

Braided hair inspiration for everyone in the bridal party.

Wedding season is almost upon us and no matter what role you’re playing for this special day, we’re big believers in making your hair a priority when it comes to curating your look. Wedding braids, in particular, have been making a huge comeback and is a style that works on a variety of hair types and textures.

We just love how braided wedding hair works for a range of themes, covering everything from formal ceremonies to laid-back bohemian events. To help you out, we’ve rounded up 39 different options of wedding braid hairstyles to give you ample inspiration to choose from. Read on to get inspired:

wedding braids brunette hair two three strand braids
Doubling up on classic braids is a great option this wedding season.

1. Double Layer Braids

Double up on three-strand braids and layer them one on top of the other to create a double layered look. Use bobby pins to secure each braid and hide the ends of one underneath the other for a look that only seems complicated.

wedding braids red hair half updo loose curls
Pull your hair away from your face with this super simple mini tutorial.

2. Skinny Braid

Leave the front strands of your hair out and pull two teeny three-strand braids to the back of your head. Secure the braids with a clear hair tie for a seamless finish. Your veil will sit perfectly just inside these braids.

wedding braids rolled updo thin braids blonde hair
Show off your killer highlights with a rolled updo.

3. Rolled Updo

Tuck your hair into itself for an updo that shows off your beautiful highlights. A thin simple braid leading into the updo adds a little extra visual interest.

wedding braids basic three strand braid
How to wear a three-strand braid to a formal occasion.

4. Three-Strand Braid

You’d be surprised by how easy it is to dress up a basic three-strand braid with some strategic styling. Run Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Smoothing Serum through your strands before you braid them for some intense and vibrant shine.

wedding braids basket braid dirty blonde hair
As far as wedding hairstyles with braids go this is one of our favorites.

5. Basket Braid

A basket braid is intricate in and of itself to be a standalone style. It also serves as the perfect base if you’re looking to incorporate some accessories into your look.

wedding braids zig zag light brown hair
Pile your braid on top of itself for a messy and beautiful style.

6. Zig-Zag Fishtail

Whether you’re wearing this style high or low, we think this is one of the prettiest takes on the fishtail braid. If you’re looking to tweak an on-trend style and make it your own for when you walk down the aisle, cool wedding updos with braids ensure that all eyes will stay on you. When dressed up with your gown and jewelry, fishtail braided buns give a delicate and enchanting feel (for those in need of a how-to, check out the Inverted Fishtail Braid tutorial from Andrea Brooks over on our All Things Hair YouTube page). For brides that want to pull a wild card, add some jaw-dropping edge and character by teasing hair and pulling the braid within your bun a little loose, a.k.a. ‘pancaking’ it. To incorporate texture into this style, use some mousse beforehand to help smooth out strands and tame unsightly frizz.

wedding braids thin braid front light red hair
Embracing our natural texture? Don’t mind if we do.

7. Front Braid

Braid the front of your hair for a quick and easy style that still manages to be impactful. This style is especially beautiful when paired with a small floral crown.

wedding hair bohemian loose waves small braids
The ideal choice when it comes to bohemian wedding updos with braids.

8. Braids with a Ribbon

This style combines messy waves, small braids, and a beautiful white ribbon for a bohemian bridal look we can’t get enough of.

wedding braids low bun three strand braid
Looking for a streamlined wedding hair braids option? Try this.

9. Wedding Updos with Braids

A sleek and streamlined bun gets a dose of extra personality with a three-strand braid wrapped around the base. Tuck your veil just above the bun for the ceremony and rock a beautiful look that speaks for itself as you transition into the reception portion of the evening.

wedding braids cornrows and barrettes
This wedding hair braid is one of our all-time favorites. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

10. Braided Headband

Taking the place of your tiara or veil, the ethereal braided headband is a surefire way to create an elegant, queenly statement. Complement this look by tucking flowers or gilded leaves into your braided crown for a beautiful, regal touch. Don’t forget to set your style with some hairspray to ensure that your wedding hair braid stays in place as you rock out on the dance floor during the reception!

wedding braids pretzel bun dark brown hair
This simple style will come in handy time and time again.

11. Pretzel Braid

Check out our tutorial on how to create a pretzel bun braid. This is yet another style that looks intricate but is really very easy to create.

wedding braids oversized French braid crown
This isn’t your typical braided crown.

12. French Braided Crown

Braided crowns are an ideal choice for wedding season because they keep your hair off your neck and help you stay cool. This version is a beautiful oversized french braided crown and it creates a natural flattering lift at your hairline.

wedding braids braided ponytail
This is a fun option for bridesmaids of any age.

13. Braided Ponytail

This is one of our favorite hairstyles for bridesmaids as it’s a fun and flirty ponytail with a little added intricacy in a basic oversized three-strand braid.

wedding braids loose braids flower crown
This entire look screams princess bride and we can’t get enough of it.

14. Threaded Floral Crown

This pulled apart braid is the perfect base for a thin floral crown threaded through. Massage your braid after you secure it for an undone laid-back look.

wedding braids red fishtail crown
Fishtail braided crown? Yes, please!

15. Fishtail Braided Crown

Curl a few strands at the front of your hairline and wrap a classic fishtail braid across the top of your head to serve as a braided crown.

wedding braids three strand braid flower crown
Skip the hair tie with this easy hack.

16. Backcombed Braid

Finish off a basic braid with a bit of backcombing and a spritz of hairspray for an invisible-hair-tie hold that makes this bohemian look just a bit more modern.

wedding braids dutch braid and fishtail braid
Why choose one kind of braid when you can wear two?

7. Fat Side Braid

Start by creating a dutch braid that reaches to your neck and then transitions into a fishtail braid. The key to a seamless transition is wrapping a strand of hair around the base of the fishtail braid for a smooth hair tied look.

wedding braids ballerina bun with flowers
This is not your average ballerina bun.

18. Bun with Single Braid

Elevate your usual low ballerina bun with a three-strand braid and a small sprig of flowers.

wedding braids blonde messy dutch braids.
Some of our favorite styles let you embrace the mess and not worry about perfect placement. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

19. Messy Dutch Braid

Opt for an edgier style and with two dutch braids that you can pin back up into themselves. This style is great for layered hair that generally has a hard time fitting into braids as it allows you to embrace a messier style.

wedding braids double fishtail headband messy brown hair
Another messy style we’d wear for any occasion.

20. Dutch Fishtail Braids

This double fishtail style encourages a piece-y texture and will only look better the longer you wear it. That means it’ll last through the ceremony, the reception, and all the dancing you have in you.

wedding braids floral crown two braids
This is the adult version of your favorite schoolgirl style.

21. Pigtail Braids

Create two loose fishtail braids and secure them with hair ties that blend into your hair color. Pair these with a beautiful and intricate floral crown if it’s a summer wedding.

wedding braids pancake fishtails beaded crown
Accessories are an instant way to upgrade even the most basic styles.

22. Pancaked Fishtail Pigtails

Pancaking your braids will give that Pinterest-worthy oversized look and threading a strand of beads through will instantly elevate the look.

wedding braids double rose braided buns
A slightly girlies and wedding appropriate version of your favorite space buns.

23. Flower Braid

This is another style perfect for all the bridesmaids out there. This double rose style picks on both the braid and trends and photograph beautifully.

wedding braids loose dutch crown brown hair
Consider a looser style like this one for a more casual wedding.

24. Dutch Crown

This style is elegant and full of personality and works on every hair type.

wedding braids loose brown curls braided headband
Elevate a classic wedding go-to with a braided addition.

25. Loose Curls and a Braided Headband

Soft curls are always fair game when it comes to wedding hairstyles. Creating a pulled apart braided headband to sit just in front of your veil is a great way to add some intricate detail to your simple style.

wedding braids short blonde hair barrette
Proof that even women with short hair can rock beautiful braided styles.

26. Accent Braid

If you’re working with short hair and feel concerned that a braided look is out of your reach, consider braiding your bangs and pinning the style back with a beaded barrette. Bonus: this accent braid will get your hair out of your face.

wedding braids side bangs light brown hair fishtail braid
This is by far one of the sleekest and prettiest wedding hairstyles we’ve ever seen.

27. Side Braid

Tease the crown of your hair for some serious bouffant-like style and swooped the very front section of your hair down across your forehead to fake side bangs. Gather the rest of your hair into a very loose fishtail braid and secure it with a clear hair tie.

wedding braids simple braid with ribbon ombre hair
When in doubt? Put a bow on it.

28. Accessorize Your Braid

Ribbons are an underused hair accessory in our opinion. Even a pulled-apart simple three-strand braid gets an upgrade with a ribbon in the same hue as your gown.

wedding braids bubble braid dark brown hair
This braided updo is beautiful with or without a veil.

29. Bubble Braid

This braid layers on top of itself to create small ringlets that remind us of bubbles. This style serves as the perfect base for a veil or shines all on its own.

wedding braids forehead braid brown hair
We’re willing to bet you haven’t considered drastically switching your part up in a while. Trust us, it’s life-changing. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

30. Braided Part Change

Consider a very deep side part for a switch of perspective and braid your hair away from your face. A few pieces around your face will soften the style.

wedding braids half a braided headband
This is a great option for the uninitiated in the braid department.

31. Single Pancaked Braid

By starting with a deep part and creating half a dutch braided crown you’re making a classic braided headband a little more accessible. That means that if braiding isn’t your strong suit, you can still easily D.I.Y. this style.

wedding braids snake braid brown hair
A snake braid is an intricate style that’s super easy to create.

32. Triple Braid

Why rock one braid for your wedding, when you can have three? This look is as easy as creating a three-strand braid with one simple added step. Once you’ve reached the bottom of your braid, hold the middle section firmly between your fingers and push the outer two up towards the roots of your hair like a slinky. Then gently tug the outer strands back down until you have this zig-zag style.

wedding braids three strand braids messy curls
Put those three-strand braid skills to good use.

33. Skinny Braided Headband and Curls

Messy curls get an instant upgrade with four or five thin tight braids pulled across your forehead. This style is great for bridesmaids and guests alike.

wedding braids waterfall braid short brown hair
This is another option that works really well for women with shorter hair.

34. Waterfall Braid

Show off your strands with a simple waterfall braid that stretches across the back of your head. Braids like these look best in day two or three hair. Try TRESemmé Fresh Start Volumizing Dry Shampoo to clean up your hair and give your roots a little bit of volume.

wedding braids featuring goddess braids
A wedding braid fit for a goddess a.k.a you!

35. Goddess Braids

What better way to feel like the princess you are than by showcasing your locks in a goddess braid? Adorn your head with two chunky, tightly cornrowed braids separated by a deep side part. Use the length of your hair and weave it into a low bun, or go for a looser look by allowing your braids to dust along your shoulders. Add some charm by incorporating fancy accessories like pearls or other gems into the braid. Use a styling cream, like Bed Head by TIGI Small Talk 3-in-1 Creamto help sculpt your braid and spritz on a firm-hold hairspray to set.

wedding braids on curly hair
Rock a romantic hairstyle with this braided look.

36. Braid & Curl

Perfect for long and short tendrils alike. Allow your curly locks to flow freely and add a single skinny halo braid, or have two single braids, pinned on each side. Add a touch of volumizing spray to give lift and provide some flexible hold, bounce and volume to your hair.

wedding braids in an updo
An elegant braided updo to showcase on your wedding.

37. Braided Updo

A classic updo with a twist (or plait, in this case) and a modern spin on the ballerina bun, the braided updo starts by creating a French braid at the back half of your head. Starting at the nape of your head, braid hair towards and ending at the center of the crown, secure braid with a hair tie. Afterward, combine the top half of your hair and coil into a bun. Finish off the look by smoothing in a few drops of hair oil for some added shine.

wedding braids: milkmaid braids
A classic braided style that you can enhance with accessories.

38. Milkmaid Braids

The complex look of this style is bound to turn heads. The milkmaid braid is one of our favorite dreamy styles that looks stunning when paired with delicately-placed flowers. Master how to create milkmaid braids in our full tutorial. And be sure to finish the look with some hairspray that can work to keep flyaways at bay.

wedding braids with a messy, long braid
An easy/breezy braided style for your wedding.

39. Messy Long Braid

A style that screams romance, this messy braid involves leaving your hair down as your braid turns into an accent, delivering a peek-a-boo effect to your long locks. Pair this with beachy waves, bouncy curls or even straight hair. 



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