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Keratin Smoothing Treatment Do’s and Don’ts

The easiest route to silky soft strands.

Today, we’re talking all about keratin hair treatment do’s and don’ts. This keratin smoothing treatment is a gamechanger that’ll give you straight, silky and soft hair. On top of gorgeous strands, it also allows you to save time and money with a less complicated styling routine, which for many is a huge way to rock their preferred style without the constant blowouts.

As simple as your hair life becomes once the keratin smoothing treatment has settled in, it’s important to keep in mind keratin smoothing treatment do’s and don’ts within the first few days after you get the treatment done. One small wrong move can ruin the effects, so it’s important to know what will affect your hair, and how to avoid those mistakes.

Keratin Smoothing Treatment Do’s and Don’ts

Read on to check out some of our keratin hair treatment do’s and don’ts:

1. Keep it clean and dry.

After getting a keratin smoothing treatment, don’t get your hair wet. Don’t wash it in the shower, go easy on the workouts so you don’t sweat it out, stay out of the rain if it’s overcast outside, and definitely don’t go swimming. Seriously. Even the best shampoo for keratin treated hair will do damage to the keratin protein treatment. Be very careful after getting a keratin smoothing treatment. The protein treatment needs time to settle in, and you don’t want to wash it out.

2. Wear your hair down.

No ponytails, fancy updos, buns or braids for the first few days. Your hair is sensitive during this time and any way you style your hair might leave kinks or curls in your strands. This rule even includes wearing glasses that will press up against your hair, using a headband to pull your hair back, or tucking your hair behind your ears.

3. Prioritize your wash and care routine.

Go easy on styling products and focus on finding the right keratin shampoos and keratin deep conditioners. This is the time to put some love into your wash and care routine. We suggest the Suave Keratin Infusion Smoothing Shampoo and the Suave Keratin Infusion Smoothing Conditioner to promote extra smoothness and shine. The beauty of this treatment is that it does all the styling for you!

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