keratin hair straightening treatment

Why Keratin Hair Straightening Treatments are Worth the Splurge

Smooth, frizz-free hair with half the effort? Yes please!

If you’ve been online basically at all lately, you’re well aware that keratin hair straightening treatments are having a moment. There’s just something about the super straight, lustrous locks overtaking Hollywood, runways and the everyday. Whether your best friend, your co-worker or some celeb has undergone the process, you might be playing with the idea of doing it yourself.

Keratin Hair Straightening Treatments

Read on how find out more about keratin hair straightening treatments to help you figure out if they are right for you.

1. They help to eliminate frizz.

Keratin hair straightening treatments work to fill the porosity in hair, which leads to smoother hair. Long story short, when hair is extra porous it makes hair poof up fairly easily which means something as little as letting your hair air-dry could cause the pores to expand and create unwanted flyways. Keratin is good for hair as the best keratin treatment restores protein back into the hair shaft. A keratin protein treatment eliminates unwanted frizz instantly!

2. They make your hair tangle-free.

If saying goodbye to frizz doesn’t already sell you on the treatments, then surely a tangle-free reality will. That’s right, when you undergo an keratin treatment for frizzy hair, it will lead to more manageable hair. Since curls and frizz will be laid to rest for a few months, you will be able to easily brush through your post-shower locks in a breeze. Keratin treatments for curly hair and keratin treatments for wavy hair will instantly detangle your strands.

3. They help avoid split ends.

No frizz and no tangles means that styling your hair will be less strenuous, which means you’ll have less split ends. This is always a good thing in our book!

4. They cut styling time in half.

In a world where time is of the essence, cutting your styling time in half can be a real life-changer. After receiving a keratin hair straightening treatment you can expect to dry your hair in as little as half your normal drying time; or, if you’re really feeling brave, you could let it air dry altogether because worries of that leading to frizz will no longer be a possibility.

5. They create long-lastingly sleek, shiny hair.

Think: three to five months. Yes, really. A keratin smoothing treatment will give you the smoothest hair you have ever had.

6. They’re formaldehyde-free.

While many other hair treatments contain formaldehyde and alter the natural state of your hair, keratin hair smoothing treatments don’t strip your locks of their natural composition, rather they just improve the overall composition of each and every strand.

7. Keratin hair straightening treatments aren’t for everyone, though.

These treatments are geared for curly haired girls or those prone to loads of frizz. If you’re on the naturally fine, straight side, this isn’t the treatment for you because it can lead to limp locks in the process of making it more manageable.

8. They are pricey!

All of that hair goodness means that keratin hair treatments will cost you. See if your local salon does them, ask your friends for recommendations and read local hair reviews. If you’re going to spend that much you want to make sure that you are getting the best treatment options that are out there.

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