Decompress at the Hair Salon with a Silent Hair Appointment

Work on those stress levels while you pamper yourself.

Finding the best hair salon often involves a whole lot of prep and trial and error. Think about it: The way your hair is cut, colored, and styled depends on the expertise of a select handful of people. And just like with any relationship, it’s an exercise in trust and open communication.

Due to higher stress levels as of late, a growing number of hair salons are offering silent hair appointments to their clients in 2022. This option is ideal for anyone in need of a block of time to really decompress. A hair salon experience is just as much about the energy of the appointment as it is about the results.

Hair Salons Offer a Calm Break

According to a study conducted by the American Psychological Association, many are continuing to feel the weight of the stress of the pandemic. 74% of millennials and 79% of Gen Z adults are reporting higher levels of stress this winter. Moments of respite from the stresses of life in 2022 are absolutely essential. The hair salon may be just the place for a calm break many so desperately need.

We spoke to the Cosmo Prof Artistic Team all about the silent salon appointment trend. Learn how this option can be beneficial for both the client and the artist.

Benefits of a Silent Hair Salon Appointment

hair salon silent appointments
Don’t be afraid to talk to your stylist about a silent appointment.

Keon Washington, South Carolina-based barber, and member of the Cosmo Prof Artistic Team says, “I think offering silent appointments at salons is a worthwhile implementation, especially during this time. As a barber, and barbershop owner, it’s part of the service to offer a warm conversation. But it’s also important we keep our client’s needs top of mind.”

Washington admits that it may be awkward at the beginning but stresses that the role of a stylist and barber is to ensure that their clients feel as comfortable as possible.  He recommends offering an option to request a silent appointment in your online booking system. That way the client doesn’t have to feel rude requesting it in person.

“Even if your client doesn’t book a silent session,” Washington says, “I recommend keeping conversations lighthearted and not focused on any triggering topics – it’s best for you both.”

Pushing Past the Discomfort

Jon Carlos de la Cruz, another member of the Cosmo Prof Artistic Team, is based in Hollywood, California, and he says this is the first time he’s seen silent appointments trending.

“It’s definitely a great idea and important to have all types of options for our clients,” he shares. “While it may be an uncomfortable trial for many stylists who are used to being conversational, it’s more important to us to ensure our clients feel comfortable.”

Transparency in a client-stylist relationship is key, Jon Carlos says. Ensuring the client’s comfort is of the utmost importance.

“Benefits for the client would obviously include having a more zen, relaxing spa-like atmosphere during their appointment. A benefit on the stylist side would be quicker turnaround time from client to client as you cut down on the chatting and really focus on getting the style completed and your client looking and feeling, their best.”

Advocating for Yourself

In 2022, when stress levels are high, everyone needs some more focused self-care. A silent salon appointment is a perfect way to capitalize on the time you have already blocked off for yourself. Even if your salon doesn’t officially offer this service, you can always request a silent appointment.

Many salons offer a notes section in their online booking system. Make a special request for a silent appointment to make the most of this blocked-off time for you!


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