How to Choose the Right Hair Salon: 4 Simple Rules

Spoiler: Time to put those stalking skills to use.

Just as it is with picking the right life partner, finding the best hair salon involves a whole lot of prep and trial and error. Think about it: The way your hair is cut, colored and styled—ergo, the your entire ~lewk~ and peace of mind for the next couple of months—depends on the expertise of a select handful of people. And just like with any relationship, it’s an exercise in trust and open communication… and, wait, darn good stalking skills? Read on to learn more about how you can find the perfect hair salon:

4 Simple Rules in Choosing the Best Hair Salon

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Do your online research. Photo credit: Suzanne Cohen Photography

1. Socialize.

You can find almost anything on the internet these days, so why not put those renowned ex-girlfriend stalking chops to better use? Look for celebrities, models or even just regular fabulous women whose look you love on social media—more often than not, they credit their hair salon or glam team. You can easily follow the breadcrumbs from there: Either check out the official account of the hair salon or follow the hairstylist’s personal Instagram, and you’ll get an idea of their overall aesthetic or “expertise.” Are you more old-school? Then phone a friend, stop someone on the street whose hair you admire, ask for referrals. There’s nothing like seeing the real thing in real life.

2. Filter it out.

Sometimes the hardest thing about choosing a hair salon is blocking out the noise. It can definitely get overwhelming, with so many choices out there that claim to be the best in the biz. The trick: Know what you want, then narrow it down. The messy lob tickling your fancy? Going in for a killer red shade for fall? Or are you craving for celebrity-worthy balayage? Do your research into which places get rave reviews for the look you want, then cherry-pick. Note: You don’t have to choose one hair salon for all your services, but it’s certainly more convenient. And keep in mind, you’ll be talking to this person about your look, so find someone you can easily talk to and who understands (and respects!) your taste.

hair salon color chart
Find a colorist you’re comfy with.

3. Localize.

Let’s get real: As in love, long-distance relationships do not work (Edit: Okay, sometimes they do with a lot of effort, but ain’t nobody got time for that). It’s hard enough squeezing in that weekday appointment—what more if you need to trek to a different time zone altogether? Realistically, the best hair salon is one that you can get to within the hour; any longer or further than that and you’ll find yourself slacking on your touchups and, gasp, start cheating with a place that’s “easier.”

4. Keep your budget in mind.

Granted, your hair is an investment; you just wear it every single day of your life, no biggie. But shelling out a half-month’s rent for a haircut or color can take its toll. Splurge and indulge if and when you can, but keep it reasonably within your means. You’ll be able to afford regular appointments doing so, which means more good hair days for you!

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