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4 Best Natural Hair Straightening Products

Straight and shiny hair, coming your way. 

If you have naturally curly hair, you might be dabbling with the idea of using natural hair straightening products to smooth out your curls. Whether you want to try straight hair for a week or for a few months, there’s a straighter out there for you.

Natural Hair Straightening Products

From keratin treatments to Brazilian treatments, read on to learn more about four different types of natural hair straightening products that could work for you.

natural hair straightening products

1. Brazilian Blowout

For a salon service that will last you several months (or longer!) look no further than the Brazilian blowout. The process of the Brazilian blowout is complicated so you’ll have to have it done at a salon. Depending on what treatment you get, you can get super straight hair or just tone down your natural curls and even nix the frizz. This treatment does eventually wash out but you can get it again when your hair returns to its natural texture.

2. Japanese Hair Rebonding

Japanese hair rebonding is also a complicated salon treatment that permanently straightens your hair. Meaning it will not ever wash out. Straight hair forever? Sign us up. The one caveat is that you will have to redo the treatment as your natural hair grows out. The process breaks the bonds in your hair and rebonds them to make your hair straight. It sounds worse than it is, trust us. The process is similar to at-home relaxers that’ll give you majorly swishy (and straight!) hair.

3. At-Home Keratin

TRESemmé Keratin Repair Shampoo and Conditioner is one of our go-to at-home keratin treatments. Formulated to fight frizz and seal strands against humidity, this hair mask is the at-home keratin treatment of your dreams.

4. Box Relaxer Kits

There are many different box kits you can pick up at your drugstore. These are generally semi-permanent that will leave hair straight and shiny for around 8 to 10 hair washes.

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