transitioning to natural hair

Transitioning to Natural Hair: Simple Ways to Complete the Process

Two ways to make the change.

You may be curious about transitioning to natural hair from having relaxed hair. While you may have been thinking about this, you also have a lot to figure out as you approach this big decision. First of all, going from relaxed hair to natural curls takes time. Your hair needs time to grow out. Secondly, you might have to cut your hair, which can be challenging for many.

In fact, one of the biggest reasons people shy away from transitioning from straight to natural hair is not wanting to chop it all off. We, totally get that! Losing your hair length can feel like losing a part of your identity. Although the big chop is an effective way to transition to natural hair, it’s not the only way. Read on to learn about how to transition to natural hair in just two ways.

Transitioning to Natural Hair: Two Ways to Complete the Process

transitioning to natural hair
Once you’ve completed your transition you can wear fun updo styles like the pineapple.

Tips on How to Transition from Natural to Relaxed Hair

When you start thinking about transitioning your hair to your natural curls you should stop chemically treating your hair. By this we mean both relaxing your hair, and dying your hair. The more damaged your hair is, the more likely it is to break and inhibit growth. You’ll also need to moisturizing your hair more often. Because curly hair loves to soak in the moisture, try to incorporate more oils and hair masks. We love doing coconut oil hair masks because coconut oil can penetrate the hair and help from the inside out. For an in-shower moisture top up, use the Dove Quench Absolute Intense Restoration Mask.

Way 1: Transitioning to Natural Hair with the Big Chop

If you want to just cut to the chase and not go through the growing out process, you can opt for getting the big chop. There are many cute short hairstyles to get inspiration from before making the decision.

If a cut like a buzz cut isn’t your thing,  you can let your hair grow out for a few months and then cut it when you have a length you are comfortable with. When going for the chop after having chemically straightened hair, it’s a good idea to find a salon that can help you find the best cut to suit your face shape and your curl texture.

Way 2: Transitioning to Natural Hair By Growing It Out

If you love your length and don’t want to lose it all at once, you can grow out your hair instead. As you’re growing your hair out, you must focus on the overall health of your hair. Transitioning hair is extremely fragile so you may need to focus on wearing protective hairstyles. Styling your hair in protective styles (like buns, twist outs, or box braid extensions) protect your fragile ends.

When it comes to your wash and care routine, look for products that provide hydration. We like the Suave Professionals Coconut Milk Infusion Deep Moisture Shampoo and Suave Professionals Coconut Milk Infusion Intense Moisture Mask. We suggest the mask because during this time, it is best to deep condition your hair more often as your hair will feel dry during your transition. While your hair is growing out trim your ends as you go to help quicken transitioning to natural hair process.


Now that you’ve learned how to transition to natural hair, you’ll need to learn how to style it! Check out our favorite simple styles for natural hair.

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