Easy Side Bantu Knots Hairstyle for Natural Hair

Quick and easy hairstyle idea for curly gals! 

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Running out of ways to style an old wash and go style? We hear you! You should never ever feel like there are no other styles out there to wear in-between washes. Experiment and have fun with all of the options out there like twists, updos and even this super cool side Bantu knots hairstyle — which happens to be one of our favorite looks of the moment.

This side Bantu knots hairstyle is perfect for dress down Friday at work with a cute work-friendly athleisure ensemble to match. What’s more? It only takes about 10 minutes to create and it’s really easy! Read on as we walk you through this super simple tutorial. Who knows, after you master these steps you might even be able to recreate this easy natural hair hairstyle in your sleep.

Step 1

Start with dry hair.

To create a side bantu knots style, begin with clean or second-day hair. This is a great style for when you’re tired of wearing a wash and go every single day of the week. If you want to start fresh, wash hair with Suave Professionals Honey Infusion Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner to cleanse and condition your hair. After washing, you can apply a gel to define your curls and dry with a diffuser.





side bantu knots tutorial hair down
Step 2

Moisturize your hair.

Before creating your side Bantu knots style, add moisture to your hair with Dove Absolute Curls Creme Supreme Serum. Apply a few pumps and work it through your hair. This formula works to instantly soften, re-moisturize and add shine to your curls


side bantu knots tutorial apply moisturizer
Step 3

Section your hair.

Using a rat-tail comb, section off the side of your hair you want to use for your side Bantu knots. Once you’ve created your section, you can clip away the rest of hair to keep it out of the way while you style.


side bantu knots: section hair
Step 4

Create and secure your knot.

Create your side bantu knots by twirling a section of hair until it begins to coil on its own. Then wrap the hair into a knot, the same way you would create a hair bun. If needed, you can secure with a hair elastic or a hair pin. Some may be able to lock into place on its own.


side bantu knots: create knot and secure
Step 5

Final creation.

Here’s your final look! Aren’t side bantu knots such a cool hairstyle? This is also a great way to fake the side shave look on your hair.



side bantu knots final look


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