side pinned hairstyle on natural hair

Side Pinned Hairstyle on Natural Hair

The super chic, one-style-fits-all hairstyle for curly gals!

While many of us are currently exploring ways to keep our hairstyles fresh with accessories, some of us however would rather keep it simple. We don’t blame you: There’s a lot to be said for chic, classic and straightforward looks that work both day and night, whatever the occasion. Minimalist styles for natural hair like wash-and-gos, pineapple updos or puffs and buns are just a few hairstyles minimalist naturalistas love to wear on rotation. Let’s add one more to the list: the side pinned hairstyle.

What’s to love about this super-cute hairstyle? Well, for one, the side pinned updo doesn’t require much effort to create. Two: It only takes five minutes to complete. And three: It’s a one-style-fits-all kind of hairdo. Yes, this hairstyle can be worn to fancy events or as a laid-back option for days you just want to keep it low-key. Into it? Good, because we are too! Read on to learn how to nail this look.

Tutorial: Side Pinned Hairstyle for Natural Hair


Begin your style and prep with oil.

This side pinned hairstyle can be created at any given time. If you want to create the look on wash day, start off by washing hair with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Our suggestion: Wash hair with Dove Absolute Curls Ultra Nourishing Shampoo and Dove Absolute Curls Ultra Nourishing Conditioner for cleansed, moisturized and defined curls. After washing and drying your hair, apply a few drops of Nexxus Oil Infinite Nourishing Hair Oil to add shine and lock in moisture before styling.



side pinned hairstyle for natural hair add oil for shine

Part hair with a rat-tail comb.

Take the tail of your comb and part your hair on the side you’ll be pinning down.

side pinned hairstyle: part hair

Stretch hair.

Take a few strands of hair from your section, then glide your hands down the shaft to stretch your hair a bit before pulling it over to the opposite side.

side pinned hairstyle natural hair

Pull hair over and pin.

After stretching your section, pull it over to the other side of your hair and pin in place.

side pinned hairstyle: pin hair



Add more pins at the crown.

Insert a few pins at the crown area to help lay the hair flat, or to encourage volume. Here’s a trick: For volume, pin underneath the section so that pin pushes the hair forward.


side pinned hairstyle for natural hair add pins

Fluff for volume.

The bigger the better! Fluff your hair with your hands until you get a big and voluminous afro. For extra volume, use an afro pick to lift the roots of your hair.

side pinned hairstyle for natural hair

Final look.

That’s it! You’ve now got a quick and easy side pinned hairstyle for natural hair.

side pinned hairstyle final look

For more natural hair style ideas, head over to our Natural Hairstyles page. Also be sure to learn how you can wear the braid out hairstyle three different ways on your hair. 

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