Go Color Crazy With These 13 Highlighted Styles For Black Hair

Give your black hair a pop of color with highlights.

Jet black hair is always fun on its own, but adding some extra colors and styles to it gives your dark locks a pop of chic color. If you want to upgrade your style, then try these sexy and playful highlight styles. These highlights for black hair add a posh and chic look to your pitch-black locks, and give an edge to your style. Get ready to spice up your black hair with highlights for a fun and flirty look:

13 Highlights For Black Hair That You Need To Try

highlights for black hair neon
Vibrant neon colors give your black hair a burst of color.

1. Neon Colors

Give your hair a boost of electric color with these neon hues. These are the perfect highlights for black hair via some colored extensions if you want a bold and eye-catching appearance.

highlights for black hair thin blonde
Small, blonde highlights act as an accent to your black locks.

2. Blonde

Whether you want small blonde strands or big blonde sections of hair, it gives a dramatic contrast to your black hair. Black and blonde hair is a classic highlighted look that is just so fun to rock. Your locks will definitely look big and vibrant with these blonde highlights for black hair.

highlights for black hair caramel
Turn your hair into eye candy with this sweet color.

3. Caramel

Want locks that are as sweet as sugar? Then try out some caramel colored highlights! These highlights for black hair look so silky smooth, you’re definitely going to indulge in them.

highlights for black hair mauve
This soft mauve color works perfectly with black locks.

4. Mauve

This quirky and fun color gives your black hair an extra pop of color. A deep pink or mauve color dresses up any length of black hair. To get this fringy pixie look, just tussle your hair with Bed Head by TIGI Small Talk 3-in-1 Cream to give you hair extra volume and thickness.

highlights fro black hair brown
Soft brown color can take your black hair to new levels.

5. Brown

Black hair with brown highlights have just a touch of color that makes your look stand out from the crowd. These subtle brown highlights on black hair make a small but moving statement that add extra interest to your hair.

highlgihts for black hair braided
Show off your highlights with a gorgeous braided look.

6. Braids

If your have black hair highlights, then dress them up by playing with your hairstyle. A crown braid like the one above is a fun and elaborate way to showcase your highlights. When you’re finished braiding your hair, tame flyaways with Dove Style+Care Extra Hold Hairspray.


highlgihts for black hair multi-tone
Do a mix of natural colors, like blonde and light browns, on your black hair.

7. Multi-Toned

Mixing an array of colors to your black hair gives your hair more dimension. A cocktail of blondes and browns in your black hair is the perfect way to spice up your style.

highlights for black hair dark brown
Small, dark brown strands give your black hair just a hint of color.

8. Dark Brown

Dark brown highlights on black hair work perfectly to give your hair just a slight touch of color. If you’re going for a more modest look, then we recommend trying out these highlights for black hair.

highlights for black hair ombre
A classic ombré highlighted style works amazingly with black hair.

9. Ombré

Ombré styles have become a huge staple to the hairstyle world, and this is definitely one of our favorite black hair highlights looks. It’s become a classic, timeless style that transforms your hair into a waterfall of color, and we absolutely adore it.

highlights for black hair mahogany
A deep mahogany color looks striking on black hair.

10. Mahogany

A deep, mahogany brown color mixed with black hair is another way to go for a more subtle yet elegant look.

highlights for black hair bangs
Have some fun with your hair by dying your bangs.

11. Highlighted Bangs

If you really want to go bold with your look, then try highlighting your bangs. This is an easy way to incorporate some color into your hair if you don’t feel like dying your whole head, and it looks so funky and chic.

highlights for black hair auburn
Auburn highlights are a subtle way to add color to your hair.

12. Auburn

A velvety auburn color pairs perfectly with black hair. This earthy tone gives your hair a more naturally highlighted look, and gives you a sultry and sexy appearance.

highlights for black hair red
Deep, red highlights give your black hair a chic edge.

13. Red

Red highlights on black hair looks mesmerizing and glamorous. Red and black hair is a great style to upgrade your edgy look. Black hair with red highlights is a posh way to dress up your hair, and if you want the color to last long, then wash it with TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Color Shampoo and Keratin Smooth Color Conditioner.

If you need more inspiration for your next highlighted style, then check out our favorite caramel highlights styles.

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