25 Fresh and Chic Brown Blonde Hair Colors

Get you a shade that does both: These brown and blonde hair color ideas take the guesswork out of seasonal color.

A new hairstyle length is hard enough to commit to, so why make things harder by compounding the decision with choosing a new color? The latest brown blonde (a.k.a. “bronde”) hair color hues are a must-try. Equal parts highlights and sombré, these shades take the best of both worlds into one chic, cohesive color that, needless to say, works all year round.

Whether you’re looking for a shade that seamlessly transitions from brown to blonde hair or are all about that perfect gray-area compromise, we’ve got the brown and blonde hair color ideas to check off those rather distinct, end-of-year-look requirements, i.e. dark but not too harsh, bright but not too pale. After all, the only thing better than a great, professional-looking color is two standout shades, melded into one!

1. Ash

ash brown blonde hair
A darker root gives this a bit more edge too.

For those who refuse to take a stand, this non-polarizing ash shade is the perfect midway between blonde and brown hair color ideas.

2. Two-Toned

two-toned brown blonde hair
A foxy auburn shade is a huge fall trend. Photo credit: Dvora

Why choose when you can have both? This high-contrast shade features a light blonde fringe area with a rich fox brown base.

3. Wheat Blonde

wheat blonde brown blonde hair
This is one of the rare cases that flyaways add to the look.

Showcase this neutral ash bronde via a chubby, texturized braid that really shows off the shade’s dimension.

4. Ashy Bronde

ashy bronde brown blonde hair
A greenish-grayish tone is what sets this apart. Photo credit: Nick Urteaga

Steely brown blonde hair, such as this corkscrewed lob, is your fast track to a street style-approved look.

5. Foiled Highlights

foiled highlights brown blonde hair
Rock this shade via a center part for a more vintagey, rock-n’-roll effect.

Tightly streaked highlights can give the illusion of fuller, more deeply dimensioned locks.

6. Dirty Platinum

dirty platinum brown blonde hair
The streaks add to the edge. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

A French-braided style like this pigtailed look plays to the grungy-cool aesthetic of a dishwater platinum.

7. Buttery Highlights

buttery highlights brown blonde hair
Ask your stylist for a seamless balayage. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Want a sophisticated blonde to brown hair look? Choose highlights with a buttery-white, almost frosted blonde tone to go with an ash brown base.

8. Golden Highlights

golden highlights brown blonde hair
A purple shampoo helps keep brassiness at bay. Photo credit: Dvora

By the same token, warmer and/or peachier complexions get a better glow from golden and more honey-hued highlights. Ed’s tip: Invest in a color-safe shampoo, like Nexxus Blonde Assure Purple Shampoo, to keep your blonde from brassing out.

9. Slightly Strawberry

slightly strawberry brown blonde hair
We’re totally digging the strong ’90s vibe of a half-updo with a barrette! Photo credit: Dvora

A pinkish blonde is another great midway between a light brown and bright blonde.

10. Flaxen Blonde

flaxen brown blonde hair
Show off that multi-tonal shade with some cute helmet braids.

A true pale ash blonde with a khaki brown base is one of the most universally flattering brown/blonde looks for cooler complexions.

11. Beige Lob

beige lob brown blonde hair
The perfect day-to-night length. Photo credit: Dvora

Allow the nuances in color to shine through with a wispy, yellow-brown lob.

12. Messy Lob

messy lob brown blonde hair
That second-day hair, tho. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

For a beachier take, use a texturizing agent such as Nexxus Between Washes Beach Waves Tousled Texture Sea Salt Spray to give your hair a bit of grit and separation.

13. Uptown Blonde

uptown blonde brown hair
That freshly blown-out bounce is key. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

A crisp, cool-blonde set of highlights is definitely on the more polished end of the spectrum.

14. Brown Ombré

brown ombré blonde to brown hair
Make sure there are no demarcations in your ombré. Photo credit: Dvora

A clean, laid-back ombré lob still looks fresh with a non-brassy brown.

15. Shaggy Blonde

shaggy blonde brown hair
Top things off with a trendy curtained (a.k.a. split in the middle) fringe. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Ask your stylist for a balayage to keep your color smooth and non-chunky, especially on a shorter, shaggier haircut such as a shag or pixie. Create extra texture with a few spritzes of TRESemmé Dry Texture Finishing Spray.

16. Beige Bangs

beige bangs brown blonde hair
Swoop to one side for more drama!

Butter-blonde bangs give a shot of brightness to your countenance.

17. Dip-Dyed

dip-dyed brown blonde hair
Blow your hair out for maximum shine.

Subtly bleached ends are a quieter way to try your hand at the brown blonde hair trend.

18. Skinny Highlights

skinny highlights brown blonde hair
A smooth, shiny mane is key to maximize the sleekness. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Impeccably streaked highlights blend flawlessly into a brown base, giving this shade a more natural, sun-kissed feel.

19. Sleek Ombré

sleek ombre brown blonde hair
A round brush helps get all the kinks out. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

The ultimate test of a great ombré is if it still looks natural (no telltale color breaks!) when worn straight.

20. Caramel Space Buns

caramel space buns brown blonde hair
Use neutral-colored hair ties to keep things polished. Photo credit: Dvora

Keep your sombré and base in the same color family to keep updos such as fun space buns looking cohesive.

21. Rooty

rooty brown blonde hair
This shade is super easy to maintain.

As low-maintenance as they come, a smudgy root gives you a lot of leeway between touchups.

22. Surfer Blonde

surfer blonde brown hair
In true sun-bleached fashion, the lightest part is the ends.

Pair that grungy dishwater blonde with equally low-key texture.

23. Chunky Waves

brown blonde hair chunky
Keep it chunky and wild.

Blonde highlights definitely pack more of a punch when done up in a wavy or curly texture.

24. Blown Out

brown blonde blow out
Go for a loose blow out style. Photo credit: Arianna Sharfman

By the same token, pulling your curls loose can also result in a look that’s a bit more relaxed, but still as style-conscious.

25. Bright Blonde

brown blonde hair bright
Keep it bright and contrasted. Photo credit: Arianna Sharfman

The yellow tone of the mid-lengths and ends brightens up this otherwise mousy brown.

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