Need a new hair regimen?
Need a new hair regimen?

40 Modern Bob Haircuts for Fine Hair to Try Right Now

Nearly a whole month's worth of fun and flirty bob hairstyles. 

If you have fine hair, you may be constantly searching for that perfect hairstyle to help you achieve thicker, fuller locks. And if you’ve been doing your research on bob haircuts for fine hair, you know that there are endless options when it comes to shorter styles for women with thinner strands too. There’s something super easy about washing and styling shorter hair, and we guarantee that you’ll be amazed by how streamlined your routine becomes.

Ready to go for the big chop? Read on to check out some of our favorite bob haircuts for fine hair that will inspire your next haircut and have you looking absolutely fab:

A bob hairstyle is a great option for women with fine hair because the shorter length can actually make your strands appear thicker. Check out 40 styles to get inspiration for your next haircut.

Need a new hair regimen?

1. Slightly Angled Bob Hairstyles for Fine Hair

bob haircuts for fine hair angled bob
Avoid that bubble head look.

This bob haircut is best suited for people with round faces. A round face with a curled under, one-length bob gives you the mushroom hair look. To avoid accentuating a round face, try a bob that is slightly shorter by the front of your face. This adds extra movement to your cut, along with breaking up the round look. Get extra style points by wearing this bob pin straight.

2. Short and Curly Bob

bob haircuts for fine hair curly bob
Fine haired curly girls rejoice! Photo credit:

Having curly hair is no reason to shy away from short hair! We love curly pixie cuts, but curly bobs work best on fine curly hair. Emphasize your curls with Dove Style+Care Curls Defining Mousse. It will also help to give you extra volume at the root for that flirty, full hair look!

3. Angled Bowl Cut Bob

bob haircuts for fine hair angled bowl cut
It’s hard to pull off, but perfect when you do. Photo credit:

For something in between a pixie and a modern bob, try this funky angled bowl cut. This look is super high fashion, and a bit hard to pull off. You’ll have to style your hair just so to make this tricky cut work for you on a daily basis. You can flat iron your hair straight, or try a tousled look. When wearing a cut like this one in a messy look, we like a matte effect to the hair. It ups the style factor. Try using Bed Head by TIGI Manipulator Matte Cream to help you to create a matte, texturized style.

4. Bob with Bangs

bob haircuts for fine hair bob with bangs
This style is the new cool.

Bob haircuts for fine hair with bangs is a look we’re expecting to see become a lot more popular in the coming year. It’s totally effortless-looking and super fun at the same time. To take a cut like this and make it super modern (not your ’90s bob!) wear it super sleek. Use some serum, like TRESemmé Keratin Infusing Smoothing Serum, to help you tame frizz while making your hair smooth and shiny.

5. Asymmetrical Bob

bob haircuts for fine hair the asymmetrical bob
Chic, and a little bit edgy, right?

There is nothing quite like the asymmetrical bob. Having your hair shorter on one side with the other side longer looks chic and modern, which is why we love this style! This haircut is great for people with oval, round and heart-shaped faces. The added angles are really pretty and help to break up round features. You don’t have to wear an asymmetrical cut super straight (although it does look great). We like this cut worn curly!

6. Wavy Lob

bob haircuts for fine hair the wavy lob
This cut will always have a special place in our hearts. Photo credit:

Ah, the wavy lob. There will always be a place for this haircut. It’s so great (and so enduring) because it looks good on every face shape and hair type. The lob, or long bob, is an inch or two longer which makes more styles (like ponytails!) easier to manage. When it comes to bob haircuts for fine hair, the lob is a good stepping stone. Wear this cut in the model off duty style for all the chic points.

7. Choppy Straight Bob

bob haircuts for fine hair balayage
Slightly uneven choppy layers give the illusion of thicker hair.

Consider a choppy straight bob that hits just below your jawline if you’re looking for a super flattering haircut. This is great if you want a bob that has a little more length to it, but isn’t quite a lob hairstyle.

8. Naturally Wavy Bob Hairstyle for Fine Hair

naturally wavy ombre hair of a woman wearing sporty jacket walking on a street
This is the time of year to embrace an air-drying routine. Photo credit:

When deciding on a bob hairstyle for fine hair, opt for a lightly layered haircut that will look beautiful when dried naturally. Ditch your hot tools and let your hair air-dry into this wavy perfection.

9. Messy Waves

an asian woman with messed wavy hair on the light grey background
A slightly off-center part gives this beachy look a little bit of edge. Photo credit:

A choppy bob that almost brushes your shoulders looks fantastic when styled in easy beach waves. This is a classic style that works for so many occasions.

10. Rounded Bangs

side view of a girl with rounded short bleached hair
Add some definition with choppy layers.

Pair rounded bangs with a bob that gradually gets shorter from the front to the back. This is a popular style that adds extra interest to your style.

11. Go Blunt

a woman with a well shaped bob hair wearing dark lipstick and blue shirt standing in a crowd
Make a major statement. Photo credit:

For a super high-fashion look, go blunt from every angle by pairing a super blunt, chin-length bob with blunt bangs that graze the eyebrows.

12. Curved Blunt Bob

bob haircuts for fine hair curled under
It’s all in the styling. Photo credit: Dvora

Opt for a cut that’s just a little longer than how you visualize styling your bob and blow-dry your hair so it curves underneath your chin.

13. Super Short Curls

bob haircuts for fine hair curly brown
Your curls will easily maintain shape with a shorter cut.

You might think that bob haircuts don’t pair well with curly hair, but this picture is proof that they definitely do. A bob is a great optionif you want a cut that will show off your natural curls without weighing them down.

14. Chin-Length Chic

bob haircuts for short hair deep side part bleach blonde
Play around with color and length.

Nail this look by opting for a chin-length bob and styling it into a deep side part. This is a great bob option for any hair type.

15. Go Long

a cheerful woman walking on a street with long ombre hair
A long bob, a.k.a. a lob, paired with beautiful balayage is a win-win. Photo credit: Dvora

A long bob will reach your shoulders and give you a taste of short hair without leaping into a super short style.

16. Simply Chic

a simple look of a female model wearing silk shirt
Simple is sometimes best. Photo credit:

Cut off all your length and go simple this season. A short, straight-across bob takes the guesswork out of your hair routine and gives you a simple and chic result.

17. Layers on Layers

bob haircuts for fine hair red curls
Choose a bold and adventurous haircut this summer. Photo credit:

A short layered bob paired with short, layered bangs is the runway-worthy style you’re looking for if you’ve been on the search for something bold.

18. Asymmetrical Bangs

bob haircuts for fine hair red bob with bangs
Opt for a haircut you may not have previously considered.

A straight-across bob takes on another life with short asymmetrical bangs. Show off your vibrant hair color with a short style like this one.

19. Wispy Overgrown Pixie

bob haircuts for fine hair brown
A longer version of an adorable pixie cut. Photo credit:

A short and piecey bob like this one manages to be soft, sweet and edgy all at the same time.

20. Micro Bangs + Pink Bob

bob haircuts for fine hair pink bob
Micro bangs take a bob from prim to punk.

Nothing makes a statement quite like pink hair. Micro bangs, too? Sign us up. This is the perfect if you’re looking to make a statement.

21. Micro-Bob

bob haircuts for fine hair black micro bob
One of the shortest bobs we’ve ever seen. Photo credit:

This style isn’t for the faint of heart, but it’s definitely bold. A micro-bob works well with fine hair in particular because it allows the style to lay smoothly.

22. Chin-Length Retro Waves

bob haircuts for fine hair vintage retro brunette waves
Vintage styles are always a good idea. Photo credit:

Curl your fine strands into elegant retro waves using a curling iron to create this gorgeous look.

23. Gradual Short Bob

bob haircuts for fine hair light blonde gradual short bob
There are endless ways to style this bob. Photo credit: Dvora

The longest point of this haircut hits at the very top of your jaw and it gets progressively shorter from there. This is the perfect look for anyone wanting to test the

24. Trendy Lob

bob haircuts for fine hair honey blonde
This bob transitions seamlessly from day to night. Photo credit:

We like to think of this as the ‘celebrity bob’ as it’s taken over the red carpet in recent years. This messy textured lob is one of our favorite options for women with fine hair as the texture gives the illusion of thicker hair.

25. Ombré Bob

bob haircuts for fine hair ombre super short bob
A runway trend we can get behind. Photo credit:

This cropped bob incorporates a subtle version of the ombré trend we keep seeing this season. This style goes from a deep brown to a warm caramel color and the cropped cut is both edgy and sweet.

26. Uneven Textured Bob

bob haircuts for fine hair tousled bangs
A short choppy style to get you through the warmer months. Photo credit:

This is one of the few times we champion for an uneven style, and the photo above explains why. This short, choppy style includes a set of wispy bangs and the entire look gives off an ultra-chic impression.

27. Shaggy Bob

bob haircuts for fine hair red shag wavy
Shaggy bob haircuts for fine hair: a very 2020 take on an older style. Photo credit:

A modern take on a very ’60s style, the shaggy bob is one of our favorite options for this summer. This is yet another style that benefits from natural texture, and choosing this haircut will mean saying a very happy goodbye to your hot tools this season.

28. Beach Wave Bob

bob haircuts for fine hair beach waves
Create some volume.

Use a 1-inch curling iron to create the ultimate easy beach waves on your bob. This is such an easy style to do that lasts all day.

29. Blown Out

bob haircuts for fine hair blown out
A classic blowout will add instant volume. Photo credit:

A classic blowout will add instant volume to bob with fine hair. We love how this hairstyle can work no matter what event you’re going to.

30. Ultra Short

bob haircuts for fine hair ultra short
Cut your strands ultra short.

Opt for an ultra-short bob to score major volume.

31. Micro Bob

bob haircuts for fine hair micro bob
Go shorter than you’ve gone before.

Give your micro bob a twist by blow-drying your hair so it curves under. This adds a french aesthetic to your bob.

32. Easy Waves

bob haircuts for fine hair wavy bangs
We can’t get enough of these easy waves.

These easy waves are extra chic and textured because of the subtle layers cut into the bottom.

33. Wispy Bangs

bob haircuts for fine hair
Try these light fluffy bangs. Photo credit: Nova Arts Salon

Pair your bob with a set of wispy bangs for a more ethereal look. Wispy bangs are having a major moment right now!

34. Stick-Straight

bob haircuts for fine hair stick straight
This is the perfect length for straight-haired girls.

Itching to change up your look? Cut your straight hair into an even bob for fine hair for a super edgy look.

35. Subtle Layers

bob haircuts for fine hair subtle layers
Achieve subtle volume with these undone layers.

Add some volume and texture to your strands by opting for some subtle layers.

36. Micro Bangs

bob haircuts for fine hair micro bangs
Add some edge to your bob.

Looking for an easy way to change up your look? Bring some micro bangs inspiration to your stylist and add some edge to your bob.

37. Edgy Bob

bob haircuts for fine hair edgy
Add some edge to your bob.

Talk to your stylist about using a razor cutting method to add some texture to the ends of your bob.

38. Curved Bob

bob haircuts for fine hair curved bob
Opt for a cut that looks great blown out and curved under.

The ideal length for a chic bob is a chin grazing style that curves under. This is a classic style you can’t go wrong with.

39. Layered

bob haircuts for fine hair layered
Layer for volume.

The secret to adding volume to any haircut? Add lots of layers.

40. Pageboy

bob haircuts for fine hair pageboy
The pageboy is always a winner.

The modern pageboy is a fresh take on a classic style. Plus, you can change up the look by sporting a bright blonde hue with the cut.

Thinking about trying out one of these bob haircuts for fine hair? Snap a picture and tag us @AllThingsHairUS!

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