TRESemmé Repair & Protect 7 Pre-Styling Spray

Is It Right For Me?

Shield your hair from not one, but seven damage-causing stressors with this innovative, biotin-infused pre-styler. Blow-drying, bleaching, braiding, brushing, curling and flat-ironing can cause visible damage to locks, especially on the daily; this spray not only acts as a heat protectant, but it also prevents split ends and helps make hair more manageable as you style.

Best for:

  • icon of written-out font saying All Hair Types
  • icon of a strand of hair snapped in half Breakage
  • icon of two Band-Aids patched together in an Damaged
  • icon of a cactus Dry
  • icon of two gray clouds Dull Hair
  • icon of a thunderbolt Frizzy Hair
  • icon of a red thermometer with heat waves heating up Heat Protection
  • icon of a green leaf Moisturizing

Top Tip

Used after cleansing and conditioning, this powerhouse of a heat protectant/pre-styler helps combat visible damage and helps protect hair from further damage-causing stressors.

How To Use

Prep your hair for styling by spritzing on the pre-styler on the lengths and ends, making sure to hold arms 8 to 10 inches away for more even coverage. Style hair as desired.

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