Best Heat Protectant Spray: How to Find the Right Spray for Your Hairstyle

Protect your strands. We believe in blow-dry, not blow-fry.

By now we all know how our favorite heat styling tools can be damaging to our hair. Yes, it is sad but true. Therefore, preventing breakage and heat damage without parting ways with our coveted flat iron or curling wand is at the very top of our list of healthy looking #hairgoals. However, many of us that love to heat style our hair are still on the quest to find the best heat protectant spray.

Heat protectants come in liquid or cream forms, so sometimes it’s quite hard to decide which one is best for us and how they can really benefit our particular hair type. They each have a different benefit, but all in all, they work efficiently at guarding hair against the negative effects of our heat styling tools. Here, we’ve laid out some of the best heat protectant spray products that can help you choose which one works best in your heat styling arsenal.

Best Heat Protectant Spray for Your Hair Styling Needs


best heat protectant: flat ironing hair bangs
Using the best heat protectant spray for your hair prior to heat styling to help prevent damage to your locks. Photo Credit:

Hair Goal: Guard Hair and Replenish Moisture? Yes, Please!

Heat Guard: TREsemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray

If you have curly textured hair or dry hair, in general, you’ll know the struggle when it comes to achieving a straight hairstyle that lasts while trying to maintain moisture at the same time. This heat tamer spray is formulated with a mixture of conditioning and protecting agents to form a protective barrier on the hair’s surface. Sounds like a win-win! But not only does this bad boy protect against heat; it also works to replenish moisture and enhance texture, leaving hair soft and shiny.





Hair Goal: Keeping Up With Being Smooth

Heat Guard: TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Flat Iron Smoothing Spray

If you’re looking for the best heat protectant for hair that will help you achieve salon results at home, employing the right products plays a major part. In this case, a heat protectant that also leaves hair salon-shiny is key. This formula is infused with keratin and is formulated to leave hair sleek and shiny while eliminating frizz. More power to that blowout hairstyle of yours.





Hair Goal: Buckle Up Before Riding the Heat Wave!

Heat Guard: TRESemmé Repair and Protect 7 Pre-Styling Spray

In terms of heat styling and hairstyles, there are many that achieved by using more than one heat styling tool. For instance, getting poker-straight hair may involve the use of a blow-dryer and then a flat iron. When this occurs, the hair is even more prone to damage like breakage and dryness. And, if you’re doing this hairstyle on a weekly basis without the proper protection, your hair becomes severely damaged. If you’re suffering from damage but can’t see yourself ever trying out a style that uses less heat, add this pre-styling spray from TRESemmé to your routine. This formula shields hair from heat and helps to prevent split ends while leaving your hair shiny and feeling smooth.





best heat protectant: stretching curly hair with blowdryer
Curls can get frizzy while drying. Use a heat protectant that will help tame frizz.

Hair Goal: Shield Your Signature Look

Heat Guard: Nexxus New York Salon Care PROMEND Heat Protecting Mist

Maybe you’re a gal that knows what she wants and also knows how to perfect her signature hairstyle on her own, whether it be sophisticated waves created by a flat iron or sexy curly ringlets added to your short crop with your curling iron. Since you also know how to make sure your hair is always in tip-top shape, protecting it is also your main concern. This heat protecting mist from Nexxus acts as a protective barrier that helps shield hair from the damaging effects of heat styling.



Have you found the best heat protectant spray for hair? Which of these heat protectant products are you adding to your styling arsenal? If you rather a cream instead of a spray, here are our favorite heat protectant creams.