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Heat Protectants 101: Our Editors’ Top Product Picks

Start protecting your strands.

Here at All Things Hair, we are constantly advocating for keeping your hair happy, healthy and protected. One of our most talked-about products is heat protectant. So many women use hot tools such as blow-dryers, straighteners, and curlers to style their hair on the reg. We are all for this as it steps up your styling game and who doesn’t love that? If you’re going to style your hair, we urge you to use a heat protectant beforehand. Keep reading for our run down on heat protectants 101, a quick recap of why we love this product and which are our current faves.

Heat Protectants 101

How heat protectant works

Heat protectant is a must before heat styling because it creates a protective layer between the strand and the extreme heat of the tool. When you apply heat to your hair you are breaking down keratin proteins in your strands that provide strength and elasticity. The heat also dries out your strands and can cause it to become brittle. A heat protectant slows down heat conduction and helps distribute it in a manner that won’t put all the stress on one area of your strands.

Not only does heat protectant provide this shield; it also leaves your hair frizz-free and noticeably softer and smoother. Check out our current top heat protectants:

heat protectants 101 infographic

TRESemmé Between Washes Style Refresh All-in-1 Styling Spray

This heat protectant is a Jill of All Trades: its purpose is to be used as your everything spray in between washes. Use this spray for hydration, to tame your flyaways and to protect your strands before heat styling. We love how versatile this product is and that it caters to all your needs.

TIGI Copyright Custom Create Heat Protection Spray

This mist heat-protection spray is amazing for creating extra smooth styles. We are obsessed with how soft our strands feel after spraying this on and then heat styling. The spray can protect your hair from damaging heat up to 230C/446F!

heat protectants 101
Protecting your hair before heat styling is so important!

Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Heat Defense Leave-In Conditioner

We love how this leave-in conditioner also doubles as heat protectant. This formula is lightweight and infuses hair fiber with keratin for ultimate moisture and strength.

Dove Style+Care Smooth and Shine Heat Protection Spray

Heat protectants 101: shine is a must deliver! This spray not only offers protection, but also leaves your hair with a glossy, brilliant shine.

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