Tutorial: How to Achieve a Classic, Bouncy Blowout Hairstyle in Minutes

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model showing final classic blow dry on natural hair look


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A salon-worthy, bouncy blowout is the OG in terms of beauty. Regardless of your texture or length, a great blowout will always deliver what it promises: hair full of body and the enviable shine we all deserve.   

But getting those results can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing. Luckily, we have cracked the code for the perfect hair blowout! For a chic 90s supermodel look, using products to prep and protect is key. That, alongside a good-quality blow dryer and brush, is all you need to successfully complete the ultimate blowout quest. 

So, keep reading and learn how to give yourself the shiniest, softest hair blowout at home. Epic results are minutes away!


Prep your hair.

Start by applying a moisturizing spray on damp hair. Make sure to spritz it all over, especially on mid-ends, to truly detangle and soften. Nexxus Prep & Protect Leave-in Spray is the right guy for the job – its lightweight formula will penetrate your strands, leaving them hydrated and well-protected against heat damage.


model spritzing Nexxus product on damp hair

An extra layer of protection.

Now that your hair is coated with a leave-in spray, let’s add another layer of awesomeness from roots to ends. Prior to blow drying, go for a styling product like Nexxus Weightless Style Smooth & Full Blow Dry Balm. This will help you control frizz and flyaways, as well as pumping up the volume and protecting from hot tools – get ready for the smoothest hair ever!

model applying Nexxus balm to hair

Section and blow dry.

Section your hair — ideally, divide it into three or four chunks and clip it back — and begin to blow dry with a round brush. Depending on your length, you can use a larger one for longer hair or smaller for tighter waves or shorter ‘dos. 

As we’re aiming for a bouncy blowout, blow dry with continuous strokes and downward movements. Repeat until you have a silky, smooth finish, and slightly flip the ends out for even more lightness.

model sectioning and blow drying hair using barrel brush

Focus on the details.

The front section is practically the pièce de résistance of a natural blowout, as it will act as a “frame” for your face. So, let’s treat this masterpiece as such by rolling back while blow drying. If you’ve got longer bangs, like a curtain style, blow dry it upwards to create volume and movement.

model blow drying front section of hair

Roll it up.

You don’t need rollers to get a professional blowout at home! However, this optional step would be worth it if you’re going for a tighter wavy look, or if your mane is in need of some volume (we hear you, thin hair gals!). Simply, take sections of an inch or two and roll it up using your fingers and secure to the head with a clip.

model rolling hair and securing them in place

Let your waves set.

Repeat all over your head — rolling sections with your fingers before clipping them up — and, to define your waves even more, blast your hair with the blow dryer for a few seconds, then let it cool and set for 30 minutes.

model repeating curling process and leaving pins in for 30 minutes


Whether you choose to release your rolls, or simply blow dry some more with a round brush to get movement, you can consider this bouncy blowout done by now! The technique isn’t rocket science: the secret is to prep the hair with the right products then blow dry continuously using downward motions to smooth out and give your ends a classy, wavy look.

model showing final classic blow dry on natural hair look

A silky, bouncy blowout is as timeless as pearls or red lipstick. Trends might come and go, but there’s nothing like a tried-and-true hairstyle to help you feel like a million bucks in minutes!  

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