Tips to Maintain Your Blowout Hairstyle

Hold onto that coveted blowout just a little bit longer.

Oh, that coveted blowout hairstyle. We can’t get enough of the results, as we leave the salon or house with hair that’s sleek, frizz-free and yeah, even has some bounce. But then there’s the cost and time spent creating this killer style. At *$45 per blowout session and around an hour in the chair, we’re always trying to figure out ways to hold on to our blowout style just a little bit longer. Read on to discover some of our insider tips to maintaining your blowout:

*NYC prices

How to Maintain Your Blowout Hairstyle Longer

blowout hairstyle long brown hair
Maintain your blowout hair a little bit long. Photo credit: Dvora

1. Don’t brush it on day one.

Revel in your gorgeous blowout on day one by looking and not touching. We know it’s hard, but trust us it’s worth it. Also, avoid brushing or putting any additional product in it. Doing so can create more oils and cause your hair to lose its newfound volume.

2. Use a comb.

This is especially important for the first few days. A comb helps maintain your hair’s style and body whereas a brush can flatten the look, creating a limp and dull effect.

3. Sleep with a light hair oil.

Maintain the sleekness of your blowout by using some hair oil like Nexxus Oil Infinite Step 3 Nourshing Hair Oil whose formula can help smooth frizz and make your hair soft. Squirt a dime-sized amount into your hands and mix it around as you work the oil into your strands, focusing on the frizzy or unmanageable areas.

4. Sleep with a low ponytail and headband.

A lot of how your hair is going to look during the week is dependent on how you wear it during bedtime. Make sure to lightly wrap your hair in a low pony. Anything with too much grip can cause your hair to retain a bend. Also, cover the front of your hair with a loose headband or hair wrap to help tame any frizz or flyaways.

5. Revive your hair.

By day three, you may notice that your locks are starting to get a bit limp. Revive them with a dry shampoo like the Dove Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo whose formula absorbs your hair oils as it cleans and revives your hair. Simply spritz some dry shampoo onto your roots and then use your fingers or a comb to distribute product throughout your ends.

6. Refresh your blowout.

Another technique to holding onto a blowout is to re-blow-dry your hair. This step usually happens on day three or four and is really only done in certain areas where you start to see frizz or where you think your hair needs a lift. This is also a good way to revive any curls or bounce created during your blowout. Make sure to apply a heat protectant to your hair like TRESemmé Platinum Strength Heat Spray whose formula can help to protect your hair from the heat styling as it also helps to guard against dryness and frizz. If find that you have flyways post-blowout, use some serum like the Suave Biotin Anti-Breakage Serum whose formula can protect and nourish your hair as it tames annoying frizz.

Blowouts are an easy way to achieve a gorgeous style that’ll leave your hair polished and looking refreshed. We hope these tips help you hold onto this gorgeous style a little longer.

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