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How to Blow Out Hair At Home: Skill-Building While You WFH

Simple, sustainable and volumized to last all day.

It’s funny how when we step into a salon, get dolled up for a wedding or even take a peek backstage at New York Fashion Week, hair and makeup are usually handled by two separate people. In real life, most of that glam lies on one person and one super-glamazon alone: Y-O-U. From knowing how to blow out hair at home the backstage-beauty way to acing that glittery cat’s eye wing, the burden of looking fabulous lies on our own shoulders—and seeing as we are in the YouTube tutorial generation, the D.I.Y. pressure can indeed mount to pretty stressful levels.

Now that we’re all in work-from-home mode until further notice, we think it’s the ideal time to start skill-building. Where better to start than with the at-home blowout? Although not a lot of steps go into learning how to blow out hair at home, there are proper, more efficient ways to do it to maximize time, effort and payoff. Scroll down for our cheat sheet:

Easy Styling Tips: How to Blow Out Hair at Home

how to blow out hair at home
The bouffant blowout is one of this season’s biggest hair trends. Photo credit:

1. Start with clean, freshly washed hair.

A lot of women like to extend their blowouts to last for more than a day, so starting with freshly-showered hair gives you a cleaner slate. We like the gentle yet effective clarifying properties in TRESemmé Purify & Replenish Shampoo and Purify and Replenish Conditioner, which rid hair and scalp of impurities while not over stripping the strand.

2. Rough-dry.

By rough-dry, we mean blotting and squeezing the moisture out of hair with a towel (or even paper towel) right out of the shower. Resist the urge to rub vigorously, as this can break or damage your strands.

3. Spray on a heat protectant.

A thermal protectant, like TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Protect Spray, both acts as a shield for hot spots and heat damage from your dryer, as well as a styling primer, providing slip and moisture to help aid in detangling. Spritz at a distance to ensure a wider, more even spray. After hair is evenly coated, comb through with a wide-toothed comb or detangling brush to remove any knots.

4. Apply your blow-dry agent.

We suggest taking advantage of the effects of a volumizing mousse like Dove Style+Care Volume Amplifying Mousse. Make sure to apply the product evenly onto the crown and roots first, then disperse it through lengths and ends with your fingers or a comb. Make sure the underside of your hair is also coated, as this can help give your roots an underside lift too.

5. Section off the top half of your head first.

With the end of a fishtail comb or your fingers, create a horizontal part above one ear across to the opposite ear, and clip up that section atop your crown. The remaining bottom section can now be divided into three smaller strips: left, middle and right. Clip up 2 of the 3 sections and get to work on the loose section immediately.

5. Dry, rotate and pull.

First pull sections through a round ceramic brush, drying from root to tip. For extra oomph or to create sections that form a natural, loose curl as you dry, rotate your wrist as you pull your hair a second time through a ceramic brush. Do so gently to avoid any tangling with the bristles. Repeat on all sections, taking care to blow dry your hairline away from the face to open up your features.

6. Blowdry bangs first.

Bangs usually dry quicker and set in the shape they dry. Style them before they completely dry out by rolling them over a fat round brush in a scooping motion (for fuller bangs) or sweep them to the side with a flat brush (for wispier bangs).

7. Over-direct*.

Some women like to over-direct their hair to cheat in more lift at the root—this means tugging hair with a brush to the opposite of where you actually want your part to lie on your head, or even blow-drying hair extremely forward to help give it more volume once it falls back on your crown. This technique is used a lot when drying with a paddle brush, or when creating straighter, sleeker looks that still retain some volume.

8. Finish with hairspray.

The final step in learning how to blow out hair at home is sealing the deal with the right products. Modern hairsprays work to protect hair from frizz while smoothing down any flyaways and locking in a look. We like the city-proven hold of Nexxus New York Salon Care Maxximum Finishing Mist.

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