How to Use Hair Rollers to Get Some Serious Volume

Allison Schmidt | 13 March 2017
Learn how to use hair rollers

Roll your way toward the volume.

There is one surefire way to get more volume in your hair: adding in curls. You see, the straighter your hair is, the flatter it can appear. Add in some curls and you instantly have more volume! We’re particularly big fans of the bombshell curls that you can score from hair rollers. Using rollers in your hair is great for volume because you have total control of the curl and how those curls set. You can opt for large-size rollers for a wavy look or smaller rollers for a curlier effect. Read on to learn exactly how to use hair rollers for volume. You can also learn how to use hair rollers for wavy volume, and how to use hair rollers when you don’t have any time too!

Step-by-Step: How to Use Hair Rollers

how to use hair rollers to curl your hair

1. Wash and condition your hair.

The first step on how to use hair rollers, is start with freshly washed hair. Clean hair is happy hair that holds onto curls a lot more easily. Wash and condition your hair with the Suave Professionals Volumizing Shampoo and the Suave Professionals Volumizing Conditioner to get this hairstyle started with some serious volume.


2. Prep your hair.

Now you want to get in a little bit of extra volume at the roots for lift.  So, on your freshly washed hair, apply some of the Dove Style+Care Volume Amplifier Mousse. It will help to boost your roots so you get that volumized look! How can you say no to that? After you apply the mousse, you can blow-dry your hair for volume.


Starting off with wet or dry hair, you 100% need to protect your hair from heat before using your hair rollers. When using electric hair rollers, the heat is directly applied to your hair  much longer than your average curling iron, so it’s very important to take that protective step. We like to spritz the TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray all over our hair before using heat.


3. Start off dry.

Be sure not to spritz that heat protection spray, and then hop immediately to curling your hair. You need to let the heat protector (or any other products) dry in your hair before using heat. The biggest trick on how to use rollers–electric or otherwise, is to have patienec. If you don’t wait fot the spray to set, the hair product will get burned off on your hair, and on your hair rollers. Both are not great things for the health of your hair, or hot tools.

3. Roll up and away.

Now, this is how to use hair rollers to get that voluminous look. Start by rolling every single one of those rollers away from your face. On the sides of your head, it will mean that those rollers are vertical instead of horizontal. This subtly changes the shape of the curl to have more volume. As for the crown of your head, you’ll want to roll away from your face through the whole center section. This gives you any part you may want and gives some serious volume right on top of your head.

Learn how to use hair rollers.
How to use hair rollers for volume, keep the rollers vertical, and then unroll and admire those curls!

4. Let it set.

To get the most out of your hair rollers, you need to let them set until they are totally cooled down. We suggest rolling in your curlers as your first step in getting ready for your day (or night). That way, by the time you’ve finished getting dressed, and putting on makeup, you’re all set to unwind!

5. Unwind

Taking out the rollers is pretty darn easy. Just make sure that the rollers are cool to the touch, and then you can remove them. Start from the bottom of your hair and work all the way up, removing one roller at a time. Keep going until you’ve removed all of the rollers.

6. Fluff and tease.

At this point, you’ll probably have a head full of individual tendril-style curls. It’s not a bad look by any means, but it’s not as voluminous as it could be. Get even more volume out of your hair by fluffing out those curls with your fingers. Then, if you’re looking for even more volume, you can do some light teasing through the ends. Make sure you set all that volume and hard work into place. We like to use the Bed Head By TIGI Maxxed Out Massive Hold Hairspray for voluminous looks.


How to Use Rollers Part Two: How to Use Rollers for Wavy Volume

Knowing how to use hair rollers and their different sizescan make a big difference in the overall look. The smaller barrels made it easy for those with shorter hair to still form a curl (thus making the feathered, curly look of the 1970s accessible to all hair lengths).  Hair rollers–both electric and non-electric used to be called curlers. For this style, we’re going to learn how to use hair rollers that are heated (electric).  Nowadays, we like using hair rollers as a way to encourage fat, beach-bombshell volume that instantly ups the sex appeal of any look.  Here’s how to use hair rollers for long hair for wavy volume.  Medium hair lengths can go wavy volume too.

how to use hair rollers to achieve wavy volume
How to use rollers for long hair (medium length hair works with this too!)  and you can create volumized, wavy hair .

Step 1: Start with clean, freshly washed hair.

Oil, buildup and residue can cause hair to go limp faster or make hair harder to volumize. Prep by washing hair with a gentle cleansing system that also primes hair for big, wavy hairstyles, like TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Shampoo and TREsemmé Perfectly (un)Done Conditioner. Rinse thoroughly and towel-dry.

Step 2: Apply a heat protectant and blow-dry your hair.

Shield your strands from mechanical styling damage by first coating hair with a thermal protectant.  As we stated earlier, it’s important to let the spray dry before using the rollers. We like the lightweight conditioning we get from TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Spray. Spray onto hair and blow-dry till 90% dry.


Step 3: Apply a curl mousse.

Mousse helps create volume and lift, while also giving curls structure. Spritz a ping-pong ball-sized amount of curling mousse (less for shorter hair), such as Dove Style+Care Curls Defining Mousse, onto one palm and spread it from root to tip. Comb through to ensure an even distribution.


Step 4: Section hair.

Divide hair into three sections: left, middle and right. Then, using the biggest rollers of the set and working from your hairline backwards, roll hair around the hair curlers in a forwards motion (Tip: Hair should be going inwards, not flipping outwards). Secure each with a pin.

hair rollers for chic styles
Using hair rollers AKA curlers is an easy way to get bouncy curls.

Step 5: Go bigger to smaller.

Use the medium-sized barrels on each side of your head, working your way downwards till you’re left with the smallest hair curlers to be used near your nape. You should end up with a neat grid of curlers that go from big to small, top to bottom.

Step 6: Let it set.

Leave your hair curlers on for around 30 minutes (around 15 to 20 with hot rollers) to help set the curl (Do your makeup or pick out your ensemble, in the meantime!). When time is up, unfurl the bottom-most curlers first, gently removing the pin and unrolling each barrel so you don’t disturb the curl.

Step 7: Brush it out.

Using a flat, natural-bristled brush (we love the Nexxus Ibiza OC7 Oval Flat Hair Brush for this), gently and carefully brush out your curls to soften and align the wave. Settle on a part.


Step 8: Finish with hairspray.

Finish with a light misting of a touchable-hold hairspray, such as Dove Style+Care Flexible Hold Hairspray, for a frizz-proof look that still has some movement. Accessorize with a shiny clip on your minor part for some holiday sparkle, and you’re all set!


How to Use Hair Rollers Part Three: How to Curl Your Hair in No Time

We’ve all been there; long day, long commute and by the time you get home, you’re brain has gone to sleep. Here’s a great way on how to use hair rollers and grab some much needed me time too! These are non-heated hair rollers, that can also be called curlers.While you’re using the rollers, you can do a face mask, catch-up on Netflix or just relax. Who knew that how to use hair rollers would be so relaxing!

how to use hair rollers for volume

1. Wash and condition your hair.

Get into the shower and soap away the day! That includes washing your hair. You need clean hair as the base on how to use rollers, so treat your tresses to Suave Professionals Volumizing Shampoo and the Suave Professionals Volumizing Conditioner to get this hairstyle started with some serious volume. If you have long hair and spend oodles of time styling it, learning how to use hair rollers for long hair gives you style options…and time@


2. Add mousse to your hair.

One pump of the Dove Style + Care Volume Amplifier Mousse will do some early prep to lock in your curls. This mousse will help lift your hair at the roots and will leave your curls with a shiny polished finish.


3. Air-dry your hair (a.k.a focus on the rest of your beauty routine).

Air-dry your hair until it’s about halfway dry and use this time to knock some other things off of your to-do list. Whether that’s doing the dishes, watching an episode of Gilmore Girls or even doing your nails, make good use of this time that would otherwise be spent overheating from your blowdryer.

4. Start wrapping.

The key to on how to use hair rollers and making the most of hair roller magic is separating your hair into manageable and workable sections. Create a part that extends all the way to the nape of your neck and pull both halves in front of your shoulders. Separate each section into two more sections, one on top of the other. Pull a thick piece at the front and top of your head out to create one big curl in front – this will ensure the perfect amount of volume at the front of your hairline.

Grab a roller and bring it to the bottom of a two-inch section of hair. Roll it under and keep rolling until you reach your scalp and then place the clip that attaches to the roller on top to hold in place. Repeat until all of your hair is covered. Get back to that to-do list or simply head to sleep for a good night’s rest.

5. Let your curls down.

The most exciting part – the big reveal – comes in the morning when you let your hair down. Carefully unwrap your hair rollers, so you don’t disturb the curls and let all of them down. Finish off with a mist of the Bed Head by TIGI Maxxed Out Massive Hold Hairspray to keep your curls in place.


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