Need a new hair regimen?
Need a new hair regimen?

Best Hot Rollers for Fine Hair: How to Add Lasting Volume to Your Strands

Score some lasting volume with an old school hair tool.

While natural-looking skin and understated outfits are all the rage these days, it seems like there are some features we’ll always be trying to emphasize and exaggerate. False lashes, anyone? When it comes to voluminous hair no one we know has ever turned down the extra volume (whether they’ve been blessed with thick strands or super fine hair, to begin with). When you pair the best hot rollers for fine hair with the right styling products you can transform your hair into a commercial-worthy mane in just a few simple steps.

Keep reading to find out which are the best hot rollers for fine hair and how to use them to give your hair some extra oomph.

Learn all about hot rollers and how to maximize them for fine and thin hair

Need a new hair regimen?

1. Ceramic Heat Rollers

best hot rollers for fine hair tools
Combine the right tools and hair products for flawless and voluminous hair.

Ceramic heat rollers are one of the best hair rollers options for women with fine hair who often find themselves short on time. Most sets of ceramic rollers heat up within 90 seconds and will set your curls in five minutes or less. One of the perks of having fine hair is that fine strands tend to be a lot more malleable when it comes to creating curls. The thinner the curl, the faster the curls will set into shape. Ceramic is known to be an easy surface to work with and you’ll find the process to be smooth and effortless—your hair won’t snag or get stuck.

2. Spiral Rollers

best hot rollers for long hair flexi rods
Spiral rollers, also known as flexi rods are a great way to achieve curls and volume,

These rollers can be bent into shape and tied into knots to be secured. You simply wrap the strands of your hair around each one and tie it in a knot to hold it into place. These are a great option for overnight curls as they’re comfortable to sleep in.

3. Self-Grip Rollers

We find that hair roller can be like food storage containers: We’re always losing pieces and the full set can never seem to stick together. Self-grip rollers streamline the process and ensure that there will be fewer pieces to keep track of. Consider these rollers to be the modern version of old-fashioned classic rollers.

4. Satin Rollers

Have you heard the hype about the benefits of sleeping with a satin pillowcase? They’re said to be healthier for your hair. This is because the friction between your strands a regular pillowcase can often cause split ends and knots. Satin rollers provide the same benefits and effects to your strands by creating a smooth surface to wrap your hair around. They’re ideal for fine hair in particular because of the softness of the roller and the lack of friction on the thinner strands.

5. Foam Rollers

roller set on natural hair: loose curls
Foam rollers are gentle on your stands for tight curls or gorgeous loose curls after combing out.

If you’re looking for an option that works for dry and damp hair, this is the set for you. Foam rollers will create tight and defined curls and much like the satin rollers, they’ll be gentle on your strands.

1. Start by washing and conditioning your hair with a volumizing duo.

Start off by washing your hair with a volumizing wash and care system. Bed Head by TIGI Re-Energize Shampoo and Conditioner are one of our go-to duos when we want to achieve volume.

2. Blow-dry your hair.

Roughly blow-dry your hair until it’s around 90 percent dry. Turn your hot rollers on to warm them up.

3. Tease, roll and set.

Tease a two-three inch section of hair at the root, wrap your hair around the roller and pin it into place. Let the hot rollers set for at least 30 minutes. The longer you wait, the stronger the curls will be.

4. Remove and spray.

Once the rollers have cooled down you can unroll each one and let the curl fall. Gently comb through all of the curls while taking care not to brush out the teased sections at the root. Set the look with Bed Head by TIGI Superstar Queen for a Day Thickening Spray to add extra volume and keep your style locked in place.

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Need a new hair regimen?
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