The Top 4 Haircuts for Volume — and Why They Work So Well

The bigger, the better!

We know that if you have thin or fine hair, faking volume can be a big struggle. A lot of it can come down to your haircut! We know it may seem like styles or products are the better route, but sometimes a quick snip is all you need. Haircuts for volume aren’t exactly a dime a dozen. There are tons of different haircuts out there—trust us—but, if lift is number one on your mind, there are a few main styles to try.

Different haircuts for volume play off of a few key cuts. If you keep the following four in mind, you can make whatever tweaks you need to get your perfect look. Read on to see our top four haircuts for volume and why they work:

Haircuts for Volume: 4 Cuts to Try

haircuts for volume the blunt bob
Best for babes with textured hair.

1. Blunt Bob

We like blunt cuts for faking more volume, but only if you already have some texture to your hair. Getting a blunt cut on curly or wavy hair textures allows the ends of your hair to sit on top of each other. This gives you instant volume at the ends of your hair! On straight textures, this effect can still work, but it may take more styling to get the same amount of volume.

We suggest curly or straight hair to make sure you focus on adding volume to your roots with styling. Without adding in volume to the roots of your hair, the overall effect can be a bit triangle-shaped. Use a good few spritzes of Catwalk by TIGI Root Boost Spray to help amp up your roots and even out your voluminous style.

haircuts for volume the shag
Shag cuts are the sleeper hit of voluminous haircuts. Photo credit:

2. Long Shag

Messy styles will always look much more voluminous than their sleek counterparts. Having texture run through your hair keeps things visually looking much wider and fuller. We love shag haircuts for volume because of the seamless transition from bangs to the ends, and refined layers give an overall halo effect to this look. Without the presence of sharp angles or clear-cut lines, the shag haircut gives even fine hair the appearance of being much thicker.

We suggest you keep some mousse on hand to help fake a rounded look to this haircut. Our favorite pick for volume is Dove Style+Care Volume Amplifier Mousse. You apply it to freshly washed hair, focusing on the roots. The mousse helps to hold your roots up and create that famous shaggy look.

haircuts for volume long layers
The more layers, the better. Photo credit:

3. Long Layers

If you have long hair, long layers and face-framing layers may seem counter-intuitive for making your haircut look more voluminous, as some may think that incorporating layers removes more hair. In this case, it works: Having very long hair without any layers takes the movement out of thin hair, meaning any bit of bend or body that your hair may have isn’t fully taken advantage of. Layers help create more shape, movement and dimension, giving the illusion of fuller locks.

When working with long hair, we like to work in volume with this nifty hairspray trick. When you’re wearing your hair down, we still recommend using hairspray to set your style. Using TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Flexible Finish Hairspray, mist your hair while it’s flipped over. This helps your roots to stand up and create more volume.

haircuts for volume the stacked bob
Work your magic to add volume to straight hair. Photo credit:

4. Stacked Bob

This is our short-haired option for gals with straight hair. If this is more up your alley, try a stacked bob. This detail means that this bob is shorter in the back, with layers and angles longer in front. The reason this style works so well is because the layers and angular cut help to create more shape, especially for straight hair. These layers towards the front also thin down a wider face. Also, having your hair shorter at the back creates contrast and helps to emphasize the volume.

If you have a cut like this and want to work in a little more texture, we suggest using hair wax. A creamy wax like S Factor by TIGI Creamy Molding Wax works not only for adding texture to your ends, but to your roots as well. Simply take a pea-sized amount in your fingers and work it through your hair.

Need more styling tricks to use on haircuts for volume? Check out how to use a blow dryer for volume

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