Tutorial: Creating Volume on Fine Hair

Caution: Dangerous curves ahead.

Fine hair is highly style-able, malleable hair; it’s having your look last throughout that day that’s the problem. When it comes to wondering how to style fine hair, looking for styles that increase and retain (!) overall volume, while keeping frizz at bay, are top priority.

Lots of women with fine hair think that having poufy, sexy hair will never be in the cards. We’re happy to say that this season, we’ve found a way to give even the limpest of limp, baby-fine hair a big, sexy revamp. This summer, curves are way in, and we teach you just the way to get them. Read on!

Step 1

Start with clean and conditioned hair.

Shampoo and condition hair with a volumizing wash and care system like TIGI Copyright Custom Care Volume Shampoo and Conditioner. Blowdry till damp.

how to style fine hair step 1 clean
Step 2

Apply a volumizing product.

Squirt a dime-sized amount of blowdrying lotion such as TRESemme Thermal Creations Blow Dry Balm onto the palm of your hand. Emulsify between palms to ensure an even coating on strands later on.

how to style fine hair step 2 product
Step 3

Apply to roots.

Coat the product onto the roots of your hair, as this is the area that will need the most lift.

how to style fine hair step 3 apply product to scalp
Step 4

Swipe the remainder onto your lengths.

Apply any leftover product onto the lengths of strands. Be careful not to apply too much, as this can cause weigh-down and unnecessary poufing.

how to style fine hair remainder on lengths
Step 5

Blow-dry, inverse style.

We’re going old school: Flip hair over and blast a blowdryer at your roots for a truly concentrated lift. Wiggle the nozzle around the rest of your head to distribute heat onto the rest of your strands.

blow out hair
Step 6

Backcomb your longer layers.

Flip your hair back to an upright position. Using a natural-bristled brush and starting with your longer lengths, begin to backcomb or tease hair until you create a slightly fuzzy halo at the mid-shaft.

how to style fine hair step 6 backcomb
Step 7

Continue backcombing the lengths.

Moving in an upward motion, continue teasing and backcombing the hair till each section is properly texturized from halfway down.

how to style fine hair step 7 backcomb lengths
Step 8

Tease the crown.

Finally, start the backcombing process onto the tops and crown of your hair using a rat-tail or fishtail comb. Note: Create your part before you start teasing.

how to style fine hair step 8 backcomb crown
Step 9


Lightly brush out any jarring knots or stops in your hair, refine the airiness all around and you’re done. Lightly mist with some hairspray such as TIGI Copyright Custom Complete Volume Finishing Spray for extra staying power.

how to style fine hair step 9 full volume

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