Styling Fine Hair: 10 Ways to Elevate Your Hair Styling Game

How to get the finest hairstyles of them all.

Styling fine hair can present a challenge for those that don’t know the tricks and hair hacks behind making their hair appear fuller and thicker in appearance. On the other hand, some women tend to just embrace the fine look and feel of their locks. That’s cool, but if you are one that isn’t down for settling, it’s time to find hairstyles that work for you.

Whether you want a simple hairdo or something short and sweet like a pixie, we’ve rounded up our top hairstyles for women with thin hair:

Styling Fine Hair: 10 Hairstyles for Fuller Hair

styling fine hair: accessories
There’s nothing a cute hat can’t fix. Photo credit:

1. Top It Off

Hats are on the top of our list! Who doesn’t love a good hat hairstyle anyway? If you’re the type that doesn’t want to deal with finding numerous ways to style your fine hair type and rather go for a style that is simple, working with accessories like hats may work in your favor. Throw a hat on and call it a day!  All the attention will be drawn to your hat and not your hair.

styling fine hair: choppy layers
Create movement with undone layers. Photo credit:

2. Choppy Layers

Itsy-bitsy choppy layers can give the illusion of thicker and fuller strands on a short haircut for fine hair. To style, opt for keeping your look undone and lived-in to give the overall look a bit more character. Life is too short for boring hair.

styling fine hair: colored hair
Add a burst of color to give the illusion of thicker hair. Photo credit:

3. Colored Hair

Who side fine-haired gals can’t benefit from a little bit of color? Believe it or not, the right color and style can give you the type of hair you really want. We love how this gray hair ombré styled on lived-in waves gives fine hair a thicker appearance. To keep your hair on the drier side of the spectrum, use a dry shampoo like Nexxus Dry Shampoo Refreshing Mist which is safe for color-treated hair.

styling fine hair: curls
Pump up the jam with your curlicues. Photo credit:

4. Fine Afro Curls

Contrary to popular belief, natural hair types can be fine in texture, too. To get around styling fine hair for Black women, opt for wearing voluminous curly hairstyles. Style with TRESemmé Flawless Curls Defining Gel to create defined curls then fluff your hair out until you get your desired style.

styling fine hair: high pony
Pull it up into a sleek updo style.

5. High Ponytail

Whether you’re looking for an easy style for lazy days, or just in the mood for a high ponytail, this is a great style for fine hair types. When wearing your hair in styles like this, be careful how tight you’re creating your style. Styling fine hair needs to be done with caution to prevent breakage. Wear your ponytail as loose as possible.

styling fine hair: long layers
Give your style a fuller look with long layers. Photo credit:

6. Long Layers

Have long fine hair? There are a bunch of hairstyles for woman with fine hair that’ll work for you. However, you can stick to the basics like long layers. It looks great when worn straight and when curled giving your hair the right amount of body it deserves.

styling fine hair: low ponytail
Add piece to frame your face to elevate your style. Photo credit: Dvora

7. Low Ponytail

The low ponytail style, just like the high pony, is everyone’s go-to style no matter what type of hair you hair. If you want to elevate the look of your little pony on fine hair, pull out a few tendrils to frame your hair.

styling fine hair: pixie
You can’t go wrong with this cut. Photo credit:

8. Fine Pixie

We believe that a pixie cut is the solution to just about any hair problem. This is the perfect way to start from scratch in a cute way. Need some pixie haircut inspiration? Here are our top favorite pixie haircuts with bangs.

Styling Fine Hair: short cut
Short and sweet. Photo credit:

9. Short Cut

Sometimes, embracing your hair type is the way to go. Try short hairstyles for women with thin hair like this bob cut. If you don’t want to wear it like a classic bob style, part your hair in the middle to recreate this look above.

styling fine hair: waves
The best way to create full styles on fine hair. Photo credit: Dvora

10. Waves

Styling fine hair into wavy hairstyles creates the thicker hair you dream of. For a natural-looking style, apply TRESemmé One Step Volume 5-in-1 Volumizing Mist onto your hair. This formula gives you long-lasting beachy texture for up o 24hrs. Wouldn’t you want full and wavy hair for an extended time?

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