8 Best Bang for Women with Thin Hair in 2019

Use our expert tips to navigate this tricky hairstyling category. 

There are a number of strategic ways to work with your fine hair to create the illusion (or in some cases the reality) of more volume. By creating more volume at your roots and throughout the rest of your hair, you can fake thicker and fuller-looking strands. Bangs for fine hair enter a slightly trickier territory: They can either aid you in your journey to thicker-looking strands, or totally set you back. Depending on the cut and styling techniques you employ, you’ll either amp up your finer strands or make them look even thinner.

We’ve compiled a collection of ways to wear bangs for fine hair that will nudge you towards the thick hair camp. If you want to get in on the bangs trend but you aren’t sure how best to go about it, then read on:

bangs for fine hair split bangs asian hair
Separate them down the middle.

1. Split Bangs

A great way to adjust a set of full bangs so that it flatters finer hair is to style it by splitting it down the middle, a.k.a curtaining them. Your fringe will blend into the rest of your hair and create less of a separation between your bangs and the rest of your style, making the most of your gorgeous finer strands.

bangs for fine hair sideswept
Start them off farther back.

2. Sideswept and Teased

A quick and easy way to make your roots a little fuller, while simultaneously creating the illusion of thicker hair is to tease the roots of your bangs. Sweep your bangs to the side and use a comb to tease just roots of your strands to give them a touch of volume. Use a strong-hold hairspray to keep the teased roots in place for all-day volume that doesn’t wear off. We love Dove Style+Care Extra Hold Hairspray.


bangs for fine hair red start further back
Wear them further back.

3. Cropped Bangs

Ask your stylist to incorporate more of your hair into your bangs to create a bit of a thicker fringe. Add even more volume to your hair by combing Suave Professionals Luxe Style Infusion Volumizing Soufflé Mousse through your roots when they’re still damp from your shower.



bangs for fine hair piece-y gray
A piecey look requires less hair to begin with.

4. Piecey Bangs

Get in on the piecey bangs trend. The best part about this style is that it doesn’t use up too much of your hair and still leaves you tons of leftover strands to work with.

bangs for fine hair layered
Use different lengths to create the illusion of more hair.

5. Layered Bangs

Ask your stylist to cut subtle layers into your bangs. Even a thin layer of fringe will seem thicker when paired with the movement that comes with a layered style.

bangs for fine hair feathered
Easy and soft.

6. Feathered

Blend feathered fringe into the front layers of your style for a soft and simple look that flatters every hair type.

bangs for fine hair choppy
Pull a double statement.

7. Choppy Bangs

Consider choosing a style that doesn’t require very much hair like these choppy bangs. Pull double the statement by adding a strong dose of shine, and spray TRESemmé Smooth and Silky No-Frizz Shine Spray and comb it through your hair.

bangs for fine hair blunt cut
The bolder the better.

8. Blunt Cut

Let your bangs take the lead and choose a bold and blunt haircut to show off your gorgeous feathery strands.

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