Tutorial: Piecey Layered Bangs, Plus 5 Looks That Make Us Want a Fringe (Yet Again)

An edgy style update for your fringe.

When you first cut a fringe to update your look, the hairstyle feels so fresh, new and stylish. After a while, styling your hair can feel boring once you’ve run out of hairstyles pairings to match your fringe, leaving you wanting to grow things out. But then you realize that growing out your bangs doesn’t happen overnight. What’s left to do? Enter layered bangs.

Go for a bold and trendsetting option to get you through the growing-out phase by creating a piecey, layered effect with a hair gel. Layered bangs also help keep your hair from getting into your eyes during the growing-out process, since sections of hair are spread apart.

Want to get the look? Read on to learn how to create this fun layered bangs hairstyle on your fringe:

Creating Layered Bangs with a Piecey Effect


Start with clean hair.

Since you’re going to be using gel as a styling product, it’s best to start this hairstyle off with clean hair to prevent unwanted build-up. Try Dove Nutritive Solutions Clarify & Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner whose formulas work to clean and condition your hair while also making it nourished and shiny.

start styling your layered bangs with clean hair

Comb through bangs.

Before creating your piecey layered bangs, comb through your bangs to remove tangles.

comb through your layered bangs before creating the style

Apply gel and separate.

Use a gel like the TRESemmé Ultra Firm Control Gel to help sculpt hair into the layered shape you want. Add the gel to the tips of your pointer and thumb, then pinch 1-inch subsections of your bangs to separate and create the piecey look.

use gel to sculpt your layered bangs

Dry hair and complete.

To complete the look you can air-dry or use a blowdryer to dry your bangs. Once dry, you can opt for separating your fringe for a fuller finish or leave it as is!

dry your dark brown layered bangs

Style complete!

Enjoy your new layered bangs!

layered bangs final look

5 Layered Bangs Looks We’re Loving

1. Cropped and Edgy

layered bangs medium brown bob
Pair your layered bangs with an edgy bob. Photo credit: indigital.com

Layered bangs pair perfectly well with an edgy bob. This combination is neat and sharp which makes it versatile for everything on your busy schedule!

2. Wispy Bangs

layered bangs wispy
A slightly more understated version of this look. Photo credit: Craig Alexander

If you’re not quite ready for a sharp and edgy look, consider this wispy alternative. Ask your stylist to use a thinner amount of hair when cutting your bangs. This will allow for a wispier and less intense look while still pulling off the layered look.

3. Layered All Around

layered bangs long layers micro
Layer it on.

Long layers and stark bangs are a match made in hair heaven!

4. Make It Choppy

layered bangs choppy
Tiny layers will give you a choppy effect. Photo credit: Craig Alexander

Super-subtle layers will give your hair a choppy effect. This is a great alternative to blunt bangs that’s more trendy currently and just a bit softer.

5. Layered Pixie

layered bangs pixie cut
Add some choppy cuts to a classic pixie. Photo credit: Indigitalimages.com

Incorporate your bangs into your tousled pixie for a volumized, layered look.

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